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Pick of The Week - Wildlife

By Editor Peter Davidson (PoTW 2021)
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 17th November 2022.


                                                                                                       'On the Way Home' by Hong Chen

                                                                                                    'Jaguar and Caiman' by HJ Yang 

It's the last of the 1x subject categories and it's Wildlife. The majority of us are sedentary occasional wildlife photographers who are constrained to the garden or a visit to a zoo. But for those few that can dedicate a substancial part of their lives to the patience needed to capture wildlife, I take my hat off.  It's not easy to photographically capture any wild animal. Yet the amount of exemplary wildlife images on 1x is astonishing. Bravo to you all!
As the category plainly says, it's 'wild' and 'life'. So for this week, it's not one but two images. One from Hong Chen who has presented a beautifully tranquil  scene, and one from HJ Yang, of life in the raw.  
They well represent both the poetic imagery of 'life' as well as the 'wild' in deadly tooth and claw. I'll let you choose your own favourite... 
Two Kings fight at the boundary
Excellent images! "Did He who made the lamb make thee?" - William Blake
Excellent and stunning images of wildlife selected. Respect their hard work with the passion to the wildlife! Also thanks for Peter and Yvette to make it happen.
Amazing capture, congrats
Nature in all its wonder and cruelty! Amazing shots! Indeed what an endeavour to capture wildlife on camera! Thanks for pointing them out! Congrats to the photographers!
Awesome captures! Both images are amazing - first one is nice, serene showcasing enjoying peaceful life and the second is taking someone's life in a Survival of the fittest mode - Congrats to Hong Chen and HJ Yang - keep it up.
Can’t choose both are indeed equally beautiful and telling each in their own way! Thx Peter.
Wow, very nice!
Both equally impactful stunning images, well done Peter!