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Ash Camas: always searching for unique angles and patterns

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 14th of November 2022

The admiration of
Ash Camas for minimalistic aesthetics and contemporary design had a great influence on her work.  Photography became a part of her life.  Ash likes to travel and to discover new cities, always in search of architectural highlights. To her, it is also a kind of meditation to avoid the tensions and cruelty of the world. Let's forget about everything and plunge in Ash's wonderful world through this interview.


'The Iceberg' (Aarhus, Denmark)


I am an architectural photographer based in Toronto. I am the mother of two grown children and a very cute bunny. I live with my family.


'The Two Towers'  (Absolute World aka Marilyn Monroe Towers – Mississauga, Canada)

Apart from photography, I enjoy listening to music and very long walks in the urban areas to find hidden visual gems. I am also an enthusiastic book reader.


'Repetition' – Calgary, Canada


My life as a photographer began with Instagram around 10 years ago. I used to take photos of street art as a hobby and later my interest shifted to architectural photography. My admiration for minimalistic aesthetics and contemporary design was a great influence on this shift.


'The Touch' (La Mère Créatrice Mural by El Mac in Montreal)


Eventually, photography became an important part of my life. I heard somebody say that once photography gets into the bloodstream, it's like an addiction. Same for me as well. It’s no longer a hobby. I carry my camera bag everywhere and don’t want to miss an opportunity. Sometimes while walking, I suddenly discover an interesting architecture or sometimes I find them by doing research. I like to travel and before visiting a new city, I always research the local architectural highlights.


'The Waves' (Vejle, Denmark)


I find photography very rewarding and exhilarating. Strolling the streets casually and just looking for structures while listening to my music is like a meditation for me. My camera helps me to see beautiful things around me from different perspectives and in more details, which makes me appreciate my surroundings even more. This is how I avoid the tensions and cruelty of the world.


'Windows of Solitude' (Mexico City, Mexico)


When I find something interesting to photograph, I first look at it as a whole and work my way around it to find unique angles, patterns and perspectives.


'Strike a Pose' (Rochester, USA)


If I can’t create an artistic image with the whole architecture, I look for a fragment of the entire building that has some interesting artistic appeal. The fragment must have some bright colours, shadows, lines, geometric patterns, etc. Once I find it, I try to create a two-dimensional minimal abstract art out of that whole building. I make it so that my composition is very simple without clutter and framed without having to crop too much. The artistic elegance of the subject plays a major role in my research. To present my work in the best possible way, I do my post processing with Photoshop.


'Connect the Squares' (The Simmons Hall at MIT, Cambridge, USA – Steven Holl Architects)



'Composition  with Red, Blue and Yellow'



'The Big Red and the Small Red'


I don't want my camera bag to be heavy. I keep my gears to a minimum. Same goes for travelling as well. So I always carry three different kinds of lenses: Standard, Wide Angle and Telephoto Lens. I think I use my standard one the most. 


'The Man With A Yellow Backpack' (Copenhagen, Denmark)



'The Thinker'

Much of my inspiration comes from travelling and exploring new surroundings. I'm also inspired by abstract art and get inspiration by following various photographers on social media. They each teach me to look at things differently.


'The Three Doors



'Circles and Rectangles'

My suggestion for a beginner architectural photographer is to get to know your subject, take your time, walk around the structure and always shoot raw, learn how to use the photo editing tool and join social media groups of professional photographers like 1x to get feedback to improve yourself. 


'The Silence of Sorrow' (Ottawa, Canada)


I'm not only hooked on photography, I'm hooked on 1x as well. Being part of the largest online curated gallery in the world is amazing. I visit the page a few times a day to look at the photos published by talented photographers. 1x gives me the motivation to become better. 


'Hypnotizer' (Duisburg, Germany)


Thanks so much dear Yvette for giving me this opportunity!
We're glad to read more about you, Ash.  It is good to have you in our fine community.

What an extraordinary work, Ash! Congratulations! Great interview, Yvette, thank you for presenting such an original body of work!
Huge thanks Ludmila! You’re very kind!
Fabulous interview and remarkable works, dear Ash! Congratulations!
Very kind of you Anna! Thanks so much!
Congratulations my dear Ash. You have a great eye, I love your work. Thank you Yvette, wonderful presentation!
Thanks so much Esra for your continuous support! You've been there the entire time! You know, you have a great impact on me! I'm very thankful to you.
Thank you so much, Esra!
Great informative article like your thoughts and simplistic images its great how you see your abstract shapes and goemetric composition.
Thank you so very much Chris! I appreciate your kindness!
Congratulations Ash, your work is enriching and inspiring. Thank you Yvette for this contribution!
I am a big fan of your work Luc! I am flattered! Thank you so very much for your wonderful words!
Thanks for your appreciation, Luc ;-)
Always a pleasure Yvette, without your incredible energy we would not have such excellent, interesting and inspirational content to read and gain knowledge from, thank you!
You make me blushing, Wayne !!! I try to make the magazine interesting and I love it. My team of editors is of course, of great help too.
Simply stunning architectural photography and a great inspiration. thank you Ash and Yvette.
Thanks for your appreciation, Wayne!
Thank you so very much Wayne! I appreciate your kind words!
Congrats dear Ash. Your shots with perfect forms defined colours give me a sense of deep interior research of absolute i love this.
First of all congrats Ash. Your work is awesome. I think about three years ago, I met you or a few of your photography buddies in front of the Perimeter Institute building in Waterloo. I happened to be sending my daughter to the University of Waterloo that day. At that time, you seemed to be posting works on Instagram. It's interesting to meet you again at 1x now. The world of photography is so small haha...
I remember that day Ivan! It was very nice to meet with you! If we ever have a meet up again, we would like you to come as well. Thanks for your kind words! I apprecite it very much.
Thanks Ash. Please let me know when you have a group shoot event, especially a trip to Europe. I can schedule a vacation with my company first. My email: [email protected]
I will definitely let you know Ivan! Thanks again!
Hello Ash, thank you very much for your photographic views and your feelings, your sensations when photographing! I feel the same way: once I am on the move with the camera, I can fade out my surroundings, I am focused on my way of seeing and can forget the world around me. Thank you for your photos !!! Best regards Markus P.S.: Thanks also to Yvette and 1x for showing us these photos and the photographer's personal experiences!
Warm thanks for your kind words Marcus! I am most grateful! Love your work btw!
Dear Markus, it is one of my favourite things to put our talents in the spotlights in the 1x magazine ;-)
Very impressive collection of work and a great magazine! Congratulations and thank you!
Thanks so much for your kind comment Yanyan! Appreciate it.
Congratulations for the beautiful and artistic collection with the excellent writing. Thanks for Yvette to make it happen!
Huge thanks Wanghan! I truly appreciate it my friend!
Thank you, dear Wanghan. So nice to see you commenting the articles in the magazine ;-)
A very wonderful presentation of your work. Congratulations for so much creativity, dear Ash. Keep it up!
Heartfelt thanks dear Erhard! I am flattered!
Congratulations! Wonderful images, stunning work indeed!
A huge thanks to you Thomas! I am very grateful!
Congratulations Ash, from a big fan. I really love your work! Warmest regards, Patrick
Thanks so much for your kind words dear Patrick! Appreciate it very much!
Congratulations Ash, well deserved report. I am glad to see your magnificent work recognized, a hobby that I also share. I feel completely reflected in your words. Not only do I appreciate you but as you know I admire you. I'm still waiting for you in Barcelona to go shoot together. Thank you Yvette for supporting the talent and making the people behind it visible.
Dear Mabel, I truly appreciate your kind words. I admire your work as wel, count you as a true friend! Hopefully one day we will meet up face yo face and take lots of photos together! Thanks so much!
Thank you Mabel ... It is so rewarding to me too, to put the talented 1x photographers in the spotlights. Love that ....
Wonderful choice for exhibiting unique talent Yvette. The images are fantastic and reflect a mood of peace and calm, congratulations to Ash for the feature.
Always an immense pleasure to meet a photographer with the same passion/obsession for architecture. Thanks, dear Ash for sharing your story and presenting your wonderful works. My compliments to you and to Yvette for this excellent interview.
Thank you, dear Arnon!
Thanks you so much for your kind feedback dear Arnon! I am a big fan of your work! It means a lot hearing these words from you.
Dear Ash. I recognize a lot of myself in your story. I also started my photography on instagram and also how you look at buildings, how you approach it when you shoot. Nice to read! A nice collection of photos accompanying your interview! My compliments!
And that’s where we met! In Instagram. :-) i am so lucky to know your photography! I learned a lot from you! Thanks so much for your continuous support and kindness!
Fantastic exhibition out of your amazing Portfolio dear Ash ! Love your unique style and expression ! Many thanks also to Yvette for realize it !
My pleasure, Marcel! It was nice to interview Ash and put her in the spotlights.
I so appreciate your kind words dear Marcel! Love your work as well! Thank you so much !
Yes, I feel so grateful to Yvette and appreciate her very much! She is brilliant!