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Pick of The Week - Underwater
By Editor Peter Davidson (PoTW - 2020)
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe the 9th November 2022.
                                                                                            'Gran Cenote Cave' by Petr Polach


We are diving into unknown waters this week as we plunge deeply into the depths. (Just as I'm plunging into puns... I'll stop now) This week is the penultimate of the 1x image Categories that we have been exploring and hence nearly the last Pick of The Week. I hope you have enjoyed the journey.


The photographer Petr Polach  has captured that very otherworldly sense of life that is found underwater. His extraordinary image shows us beautifully this transformed and alien world, where we are the aliens and where we must tread (swim) carefully, if we are to survive the experience. I've done a little scuba, but diving in caves must be on another level of difficulty. Even ordinary diving is a risky sport, and here I'm going to give a shameless plug to my own experiences in this regard, which you can read in this magazine via this link. 


Many congratulations to Petr, both for exploring this dangerously lovely place and for capturing and sharing this great shot!

I am simply awed...
I enjoy these very much Peter even though I don't always comment! I get the heads up on your Forum post
Amazing photo!! Well done.
verdon PRO
excellent, very happy for Peter, well deserved recognition, cheers V!
Very beautiful and inspiring!
Congratulations for this Section - Election of the Week - I discovered it recently, but I have enjoyed it a lot. Thank you Peter and Yvette for enriching our world with beautiful images and showing us the talent of other photographers like in this case with Peter Davidson 😃👋
Thanks a lot for Petr and Yvette so that we could see a different world with the artistic works! Appreciate and respect the braveness. I also clicked "this link" and enjoyed those wonderful images!
Great photo, Petr, of this amazing place! Good choice, Peter!
Ludmila, thank you very much!
Fine choice, Peter. Great that you added the link to that wonderful underwater related story. I truly hope you're not considering next Pick of The Week: wildlife as the very last one on this journey. I'm sure the readers like it too, even with only a few comments which doesn't mean that many read it. Cheers, Yvette
Congratulations, Petr !!! Thanks for sharing, my friend.
Thank you very much, Yvette!