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Featured Exhibition 'Olympus has fallen' by Davide Barzaghi

by Yvette Depaepe 
Edited and published the 7
th of November 2022


This month, we like to present to you a very special featured exhibition 'Olympus has fallen' by Davide Barzaghi
It is all about c
lassical mythology which is the infinite, extremely complex story of invariants of our subconscious psychology, archetypes or collective subconscious.  Olympus falls…constantly, with its impossible beauty in the imperfect desire (unrealistic, neurotic, solipsistic) of the always “human, too human”. And from this knowledge, departs a non-illusory and mystifying contact, on the meaning of life.

Davide's introduction to his exhibition:

Olympus has fallen...and precipitated in reality, up there or down there, where it has always been. A back and forth journey towards the others marks the naked man. Olympus provides a material full of narrative and symbolic discontinuities to express this other from which the human being comes out with its conscious and civil dimension and to which it goes back in the desire full of excesses and waste of the comfortable civilization. The divine is inside us, surreal and conceptual,  and we can find it every day, see it everywhere, in every moment of our daily lives. A particular thanks to all the members of my family and friends that have made possible this project, supporting my passion and posing for my photography.


This featured exhibition is exposed on the opening page / Gallery of our site since the 1st of November and will stay there till the 1st of December 2022.

[2] Olympus Has Fallen by Davide Barzaghi (


Here are a few images you can admire in this exhibition, just to trigger your curiousity.



'No Man, No Cry' – Orpheus



'Grapes' – Dionysus



'Home' – Hestia



'Love' – Eros



'Fallen' – Olympus has fallen on Earth, the Divine is inside us

My Airplane winner who not participate. :-)
Excellent work , congratulations Davide
Intriguing theme and what an amazing gallery of images inspired by it! Congratulations, Davide! Thank you, Yvette for bringing it to our attention!