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Facade: a calling card of a building

by Editor Miro Susta 
Edited and published the 28th of October 2022 by Yvette Depaepe


The façade is the dressing of a building, it gives the building a characteristic appearance.

'Windows Windows Windows' by Stefan Nielsen


The combination of both protection, colours and a stylistic impression makes the selection of the appropriate façade an important point in any architectural undertaking.


'Greece' by Markus Auerbach


In modern architecture, it is becoming more and more important. Along with roofs, facades are among the most stressed elements of the building.


'Hidden windows' by Miro Susta


I have always been fond of photographing buildings and their facades. In this article you will both find facade pictures from excellent 1x photographers as well as from my 1x gallery.


'Lost Summer' by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp


Diverse historical periods and numerous continents, countries and towns are set to present architectural facades styles that have gained love and popularity in their respective areas.


Strong rain' by Reiko kiri


Throughout history, in addition to the architectural style, both façade design, also the façade cladding has changed.
Did you know that from the beginning of architecture, the façade only designated to the main face side, also called the show side of the building? The focus has always been on the front of the building, which faces the urban space. The other sides of the building were usually kept simpler for budgetary reasons.


'Hawa Mahal' by Rana Jabeen


Façades have been used to enhance buildings for centuries. A high-quality and attractive façade forms the first impression and speaks for its inhabitants.


'Façade' by Giulioc Pad


In the 20th and 21st centuries, the term façade was no longer used to describe only the front of the building, but also the less representative part of the building.


'Green façade' by Miro Susta


It is possible to distinguish signs that are caused by the facade fashion trends of a certain period.


'cowhouse by Gilbert Claes


These styles include all palace styles: baroque, rococo, gothic, classical, functional, and other popular styles, and trends which have left a strong mark on world culture, which also means that it is still actual in our time.


'Window Façade' by Miro Susta



'The day nothing happened' by Piet Flour



'3x3' by Francesco Del Santo



'Staggered surfaces' by Greetje van Son


Wooden facades are popular for their appearance and natural texture - constructed for many hundreds of years. However, conventional wooden facades are prone to rot or insect infestation.


'Little boxes' by Linda Wride



'Old House Façade' by Miro Susta


Glass facades are more and more widely used in modern construction, they are increasingly contributing to the skyline of today's cities.


'It’s just an illusion' by Fabiola Amidei


Glass has become an ideal material for building envelopes, whether it is part of a façade structure or forms a thin suspended façade that is installed on the outside wall of a building, as it offers several advantages.


'Refreshing ventilation' by Gilbert Claes


The special laminated glazing used on the facades provides protection from wind and falls and reduces noise from the outside world and very often produces beautiful reflections.


'two front sides in a single one…' by Gilbert Claes



'A light at the window' by Chris Hamilton


We must not forget window and balcony facades, which are very popular and widespread all over the world.


'Saturday Afternoon' by Andreas Agazzi


To create a harmonious overall impression, it is good to have a unified concept for the whole building.


'Several colors' by Theo Luycx


The facade as such should be in harmony with the other elements of the building, not excluding the windows and balconies.


'Facade' by Arnon Orbach


Here, a lot depends on whether the windows are wooden or plastic. In general, natural shades of brown, ochre or white are more suited to wooden windows or plastic windows that have a wood motif.


'Facade' by Arnon Orbach


Really contrasting colours, such as light green, or different pastel shades can also be chosen to go with colourful frames.


'1 Line Missing' by Nick van Dijk


White windows go with pretty much any colour, such as modern green.


'Matrix' by Tomás San Andrés


We must not forget the facades of houses and buildings designed and built at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Here are some selected examples.


'Old House Facade' by Miro Susta



'Stairs-Manhatan New York' by Arnon Orbach



'Old House Window Facade' by Miro Susta


Basically, the façade is an important visual calling card of a building, and it plays a major role in shaping its appearance.
However, as already stated in this article, its function goes far beyond the visual design.


'Simplicity with yellow frames' by Inge Schuster


In general, warm colours such as light green, yellow, orange, blue are inviting, while cold colours such as darker green and blue are rather distancing. However, other factors also play a role in house facades. The size and location of the house/building, as well as the amount of sunlight, contribute to the overall appearance of the façade.

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