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Pick of The Week - Portrait

By editor Peter Davidson (PoTW - 22017)
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 13th October 2022.


                                                                                               'How I move: Kari' by Petri Damsten

Portraiture is a long established genre that is often misunderstood. At heart, it is not a simple representation of a person as they would like to be percieved, or of the promotion of a person's persona and myth, but should be much more. A portrait should show, or at least hint, more to the depth within that person. Character and life should be glimpsed. That is often not flattering or complimentary to the person concerned, but is, I would contend, much more important than skin smoothed artifice. And much more durable. 
Petri Damsten, with his beautiful portrait photography, has managed this difficult balancing act with subtlty and sensitivity. Bravo! 
Perfect shot!
Great portrait! congratulations!
This one will stand the test of time. Congratulations...
nebula PRO
Amazing portrait and editing. Congratulations.
Perfect shot!
Perfect, Petri. I fully agree with Peter. Congratulations and thanks for posting your superb work on 1x. Cheers, Yvette
From light to background to the outfit to the facial expression to the helmet-it is perfect!! I get the essence of him just by looking at the image and that is what a portrait in my opinion is ALL about.👏👏👏🖤