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Sherin Abdou's Visual Poetry

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 10th of October 2022    


Sherin Abdou is a Brazilian photographer always in search for new ways to express her deepest feelings. 
Her work, often painterly, is full of poetry evoking dreams and fantasy.  Each of her images tells a story which can freely be read by the viewers.
She quotes: “When I click, I don't think!!!  I feel...”
Let us immerse ourselves in her world through this interview.




I'm a poetic photographer, an authentic dreamer and passionate for what I create, using my own style in photo art so that my creative voice can reach and touch people's hearts, minds and souls. Photography and cameras were always present in my life since I was a kid.


My father was a great photography lover.  He photographed us everyday when we were kids, long before the digital era. He used semi-professional cameras. He developed his film rolls himself and processed his images in a dark room. I was always extremely curious imagining how he did it and sharing his passion since a very young age. 


As a teen, I started taking pictures of my family and anything that caught my attention. At that time, I wanted to go to the Art school, but I ended up studying Biology.  I always loved Art in all its forms. I enjoyed  painting and did it for many years, oil on canvas, drawings etc. I was fascinated by the layers and the colour blends giving me inner satisfaction and joy.


So, I guess that photography came into my life very naturally.  I just knew since the beginning that it would be an eternal passion. Exposing my art started in 2012 when I found out about sharing photography online and on professional  platforms. 


As an amateur photographer and a sea lover, I started sharing my artistic seascapes, using lightroom and photoshop, to enhance the light, the colours and the textures. I wanted my signature on my images using sublime colour combinations with glimpses of thoughts, drama and much more. I have my own way of feeling and seeing things around me.  My photographs reveal my personality.


For each image, I prepare every step in my mind. First I'm thinking about how I imagine it. Most of the time the idea is drawn on paper before taking the photo. I'm using a Nikon D 810 and a variety of lenses.  Processing my images sometimes takes more than three days depending on how I want to achieve it as I had it in mind.


Photography became a kind of a therapy along the years, reflecting my life through all the phases I went through.
Every now and then, I create abstract images, self portraits and concepts in which I am present, yet avoiding the focus on myself. I wanted those images to reflect my emotions, my feelings and my longings. I don't like to explain the idea or meaning beyond my work.  I prefer the viewers to discover their own story in my photographs.  


“Late Spring“ is on of my all favourite conceptual images.
I love the sensuality, the romance, the poetry and the strong emotions one can perceive through the woman's veil.
To me it shows a powerful and intriguing drama!


'Late Spring'


I'm always in search of strategies to express my feelings in different ways, by using new techniques and styles. I never stop learning from so many amazing photographers and masters all around the world.  I'm inspired by all of them and not by a specific one.


I love everything that catches my attention and touches my heart...
If I manage to transmit this and to give a true meaning to my work, I know then that I've done my job well and that I reached my goal.


So, I guess that if one wants to make images which stand out, each detail is essential: the title, the concept, the processing, the editing till the end result. Art is all about the connection with the soul, with the world and people around us. It establishes a kind of synergy including energy, expressions, feelings and sensations.


I truly think that the 1x crew and members perceived it through my work and I'm totally thrilled and honoured to be a part of this amazing community. I do appreciate a lot their consideration and the great feedback and opportunity to continuously enrich and improve my work!!


'Breath the wild'



'Among the shadows'


'Silent dream'





'Life has it's way'



'Água Viva'



'May it be'















'Theater prelude'



'Vida que segue'



'Eye open wide'



'Vem chegando o Verão'


Poetry in photography. Congratulations!
What a lovely explosion of art, imagination and creativity, seeing all this superb photoart in one flow. Let the dreamer in you dream on, dear sherin, and keep on sharing all that beauty you evoke.
Outstanding, diverse, magic, dream catcher!
Thank you so much Vladimir for such wonderful praise!! I do appreciate it!! :))
Congratulations for the pick of the week - Portrait!
Pick of the week it's not mine dear Li,it's by Petri Damsten.But I do appreciate your friendly presence!! Best wishes!! :))
Dear Sherin, I love and admire your artistic work from the first moment I saw it on 500px. How wonderful to meet your here in 1x too. The great feedback to your images is so well-deserved. Thanks for sharing your photographic biography, your thoughts and your lovely work and have a nice week!
Hi dear Franz!! It's a pleasure indeed to meet you here !! I do appreciate your kindness!! A million times thank you!! You have also a great week!! :))
Carissima Sherin sono tornata dalle ferie e sono felice di leggere la tua intervista molto interessante e personale. È meraviglioso il tuo mondo d'arte che non hai potuto frequentare all' università, ma anche senza, riesci a trasmetterci tante emozioni. Ogni immagine che presenti è un racconto di poesia, arte, mistero, passione, sogni ed espressioni e una grande abilità tecnica. Sono felice che Yvette e il suo team rendano possibile avvicinare un po' i vostri lavori a noi! Sherin hai uno stile davvero unico, Congratulazioni Sherin, grazie a Yvette per aver reso possibile questa intervista!
Aww..Welcome back my lovely friend!! :))xx Thank you with all my heart dearest Francesca!! Happy you enjoyed the interview! Yvette was just amazing and supportive with me!! I'm heartily grateful!! Warm greetings ,hugs and love to you Francesca!! xoxoxo :)) <3
Very imaginative photography. Great work, Sherin.
Thank you so very much Ludmila!! Happy you enjoyed my style!! :))
Beautiful presentation...i really like your emotional, dreamy, creative photos dear Sherin!
So amazing to hear! A million times thank you Radana! Appreciate it!! :))
Thank you so much Choi!! :))
Beautiful poetics work , congratulations Sherin
Thank you dearly Anita!! Happy you enjoyed my work!! I truly appreciate it!! :))
It is a pleasure to look at your emotional works. Above all, I find that your motifs are in line with the processing and the colours.
The pleasure is mine reading your comment Stephan!! A huge thanks for the amazing appreciation!! Means a lot!! ;))
I am so happy to see a magazine dedicated to your soulful art. You tell us very interesting details about your life. Many thanks to Yvette for showing your portfolio. I am a fan of your fine art. Congratualtions, dear Sherin!
Aww.Thank you with all my heart my dear Roswitha!! It's a pleasure to me you enjoy my work! Highly appreciated!! Best wishes !! :)) xoxoxo <3
One of the galleries I most admire and like. Works full of sensitivity and poetry. Congratulations, dear Sherin ;))
You're so kind Fernando!! Muitíssimo obrigada meu caro amigo!!Sempre apreciado!! Tudo de bom!! :))
Big congratulations Sherin! Sublime collection of works!
A huge thank you Suhandi!! Highly appreciated!! :))
nebula PRO
Extraordinary portfolio. I got pleassure too much while watching. Congrats Sherin.
Thank you ever so much Nebula!! Glad my work made your taste! I truly appreciate it! :))
Wonderful album, Sherin. Emotive and haunting. Congratulations.
Thank you heartily my dear Margaret!! Much appreciated! :)) xoxo
Romantic art, with contemporary vibes, in search of the infinite and sublime. Congratulations Sherin!
Thank you ever so much Stefano!! Highly appreciated!! :))
Ciao Sherin, wonderful pictures, these tell and speak to the soul of the viewer. congratulations!! Amazing works
Thank you ever so much for the wonderful compliment Flavio!! Most appreciated indeed!! :))
I am very happy that you are on the front page, Sherin. What a great interview! 👏
Thank you so very much Daniel!! Happy you enjoyed it!! :))
So inspiring!. Congratulations. Beautiful and powerful
Thank you so much Marie!! I'm so delighted!! :)) xx
Nada que eu não suspeitasse. A tua magia e arte são supremas. Tu sabes, mas eu vou repetir: Adoro a tua arte e toda a criatividade que nela depositas. Parabéns querida Shushu. :*
Você é um amor de pessoa Artur!!Muitíssimo obrigada pelo apoio incrível !! Sempre apreciado e bem vindo!! :*
I really like your romantic photos, dear Sherin. They have aesthetics and artistry. They are touching and sensual. Keep making us happy! Good luck to you!:)
Aww..This is so very kind of you to say!! Means a lot coming from you Viktor!! My heartfelt thanks dear!! Always a pleasure!! :))
Thanks for the vivid interview and appreciate writing and the excellent collection! Congrats!
Thank you kindly dear Li!! Highly appreciated the great support !! So nice of you!! :))
Wonderful work!
Thank you so much Wicher!! Appreciate it!! :))
Susi PRO
Increíble portafolio, bellísimas imágenes llenas de poesía, es imposible que tu voz creativa no llegue a todos ni a todo. Mi más sincera enhorabuena querida Sherin. Saludos cordiales.
Thank you ever so much my dear Susi!! It's a pleasure to hear you enjoy my work!!Most appreciated my dear!! Hugs and warm greetings back to you! xoxoxo :))
Beautiful presentation - this is what Dreams are made of - Congratulations
Aww..Means a lot Daniel!! My heartfelt thanks!! :))
Congratulations for your fine presentation dearest Sherin, but even more for your fine work over the years.... full of poetry and human sensitivity , very seldom nowadays.
Thank you with all my heart for your kindness dear Thanasaki!! I'm honored !! :)) xxx
Congrats, dear Sherin. Love your work. Cheers.
Cheers querido Paulo!! Lhe agradeço de coração!! :)) xx
Wonderful to learn a little more about you and your work Sherin here on 1x. Congratulations from an ardent follower!
Thank you so very much Patrick!! I'm honored and it's always a pleasure to hear!! :))
Your Portfolio is just amazing Sherin ! I'am happy that Yvette and her team makes it possible to bring your works a bit closer to us ! Sherin has a very unique stile, mostly a mix between poetry, expression, dreams as well as a great technical skill ! Congratulations Sherin i'am looking forward to see more of your works, and thanks to Yvette to make this interview possible ! Regards, Marcel
Aww..Thank you ever so much for the continues support dear Streiff!! Highly appreciated indeed! :))
My pleasure, dear Marcel!
I was so thrilled to see your are featured in the 1X magazine today. It was very interesting to read about you, the artis behind the photographs and your vision. Your work is truly unique and inspiring, and conveys emotions. You deserve all the recognition you are getting. Congratulations, dear Sherin.
Aww..Thank you with all my heart for the wonderful friendship dear Lucie!! Ever so nice of you to say!! Hugs and love to you!! :)) xoxoxo <3
Dear SHERIN! I was glad to read your interview! And I was glad to know your story! Creative success!
Thank you so much dear Igor!! So very kind of you!! :)) xxx
I have followed your work since many your creativity and sense of poetry..Many congratulations for the feature Sherin
Aww..So sweet of you dearest Rana!! Thank you with all my heart!! <3 xoxoxo
I love your works they are unique. Light, feelings, shadows, everything give emotions to the viewer. Congrats
Aww..Ever so kind Thomas!! My heartfelt thanks!! :))
Congratulations and compliments, dear Sherin. Regards Jan
Thank you dearly Jan!! Much appreciated!! :))
Congratulations, dear Sherin. Thanks for your fine collaboration and for sharing your dreamlike work on our site. So good to know something more about the person beyond this wonderful images. Cheers, Yvette
Much,much appreciated again my dear Yvette!! I can't thank you enough!! I'm totally thrilled!! :)) xoxoxo
Sincere congratulations, dearest Sherin. Your beautiful work is always so creative and inspiring. I look forward to seeing what is to come!
Aww..Thank you with all my heart dearest Elizabeth!! Means a lot to me!! <3