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Pick of The Week - Performance


By Editor Peter Davidson  (PoTW - 22016)
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 6th of October 2022


                                                                                                      'The Dancer' by Catherine W.
This image by Catherine W.  is a delightfully composed (and very still) image, of movement.
To capture performance in the classical photographic way is perhaps, but not always of course, to use those elements that show movement as movement.

Here we have almost a still life of movement, but its very stillness manages to powerfully suggests that movement. The dark anchoring triangle of the dress juxtaposes itself with the gracefull positioning of the dancer in a powerful visual of the performance art.

Well done Catherine!
Great! Beautiful and artistic! Congratulations!
Excellent moment, congrats Catherine!
Excellent image, great work.
Great shot! Congratulations Catherine!
Thank you very much!
Excellent shot Catherine, congratulations!
Thank you Molly, as always !
I can feel the power from both the dancer and photographer !, Well done!
Thank you very much!
Very much Impressive Art picture with still life of movement, Congrats!
Thank you, my ever df!
Great to see your images displayed here. I have been following you and love your photographic work!
Thank you very much, Donna!
Thank you very much!
Superb and most elegant frozen motion, Catherine. Love it ... My best compliments, dear friend. Cheers, Yvette
Peter, and Yvette, Thank you both very much for showing my photo! I’m amazed at how the interpretation is so thoughtfully composed, elegantly bringing out the essence of the photo. Thanks again for your appreciation!