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Pick of The Week - Mood.

By Editor Peter Davidson (PoTW - #22013)
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 22nd of September 2022


                                                                                       'The Rytham of Sorrow' by Sebastian Kisworo


This weeks category of 'Mood' is probably one of the most favourite sections of 1x. 'Mood' attains to the feeling a viewer experiences when looking at an image. But with so many to choose from,  picking a PoTW was both easy and hard.

It struck me while looking through the 'mood' images here on 1x that photographers are, on the whole, a pretty depressed bunch. The overwhelming recurring theme was one of melancholy. So much so that when eventually I came across an image that instead shouted to me of exuberance and vitality, my 'mood' was immediately uplifted. But even this image has a slight melancholy attribute within its title. 

However, this image by  Sebastian Kisworo
 has nothing melancholic about it, to me at least. What it does have and shows, is the love and passion of the musician for her music, and music has a unique ability to move the emotions. And this picture beautifully captures that mood.

Emotional, dynamic, great composition, perfect editing ... An educational piece of great photos for me
Very impressive!
Her face and body language are full of emotions. Heavenly photo, Sebastian. Congratulations ...
I feel the music in my ears and mind. The warm wind touches my skin. Congratulations Sebastian and thank you Yvette
Thanks, Veli !!! Editor Peter Davidson made this choice ;-)