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Pick of The Week - Macro

by Editor Peter Davidson (PoTW - #22012)
Edited and Published by Yvette Depaepe, the 15th of September 2022


                                                                                                  Colourful Dream by Ivy Deng

Let's have a close-up look at this weeks PoTW. Now, I have a confession. I really don't like to get too close to arachnids. They have a tendency to move very quickly as well as suddenly and that can and does make me jump and squeal like a girl. (Which is not a nice sound or sight and, no offence to girls, it's just us men have a macho image to protect). My granddaughter happily picks up any spider. I think she likes to see me run away. I digress.


Today's image is of one such harmless little creature (shudder) sitting at the centre of his death web waiting to pounce and suck the life out of an insect. The photographer has managed to make this creepy little creature almost beautiful. It's translucent body suffused with iridescent colours and it's web displaying diffracted rainbows of light. The way spider webs cause this effect is a whole subject in itself. Basically a combination of sticky droplets on fine threads diffracting, refracting and interfering lightwaves into forming a colourful display.  Pretty, yet deadly.  You can find that particular rabbit hole here. 


Congratulations to Ivy Deng for capturing this tiny creature.
Check out her portfolio for many more amazing examples of terrific Macro photography. 

Thank you so much Lourens and Yvette for choosing one of my photos. This is a great honor! Love this beautiful collection of fine arts. Congrats to all contributors
Beautiful shot:the selective focous contribute depth,the full spectrum ads vividness.
It is indeed very dreamy. Love the image.
Excellent composition! Inspiring!
Beautiful photo so full of life!
Beautiful colors and bokeh! ❤️