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Dasha and Mari - Photography persisting the war time

By Editor Marius Cinteză
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 23rd of September 2022

About 1 year ago the first interview with Dasha and Mari, twin sisters photographers from Ukraine excelling in fashion, psychological portrait and artistic nude, was published in Magazine, revealing aspects of their photographer lives and samples of their amazing portfolio (“Dasha and Mari - Mastering the psychological portrait”).

In the meanwhile, since the Russia invaded Ukraine, their lives (and ours, also) fundamentally changed. We have been in contact all this period and I am happy that they are getting better, starting a new life chapter and coping with this unwanted change. Recently, I have invited Dasha and Mari to a short follow-up discussion about photography and about the war impact on their artists careers. Please join me and let’s discover together below new glimpses of their lives and their confiding future plans!


Dasha and Mari, it is a great pleasure for me to invite you to continue our discussion! We have had our interview about 1 year ago. In the meanwhile everything has changed and I would like to start by asking you firstly if you and your family are safe at this moment and how do you feel about the last months?
Well, the situation in Ukraine is still unpredictable and not easy. Our family has remained there since the beginning of the war. We are currently in Germany and the life here is different, but also has certain undertones. Some people may adapt to new rules, others simply can’t. We will see how everything will go in this new country. The thing is everyone needs harmony and satisfaction in life. Finding it elsewhere than in your own country is also a challenge.

'Royal Tea. The Kiss'

In the 1st interview about 1 year ago your future plans at that time were about some interesting commercial projects in Europe, preparing some limited edition prints for art collectors and galleries and publishing a book with photography works. How has this period impacted these projects and your life as photographers in general?
Frankly speaking, there were many questions and aspects to deal with aside from photography. We are working on some projects which we created before the war, but everyday life in the new country brings many questions and tasks to cope with.

We want to publish our book of photography, but it requires proper time to work on it, and a good publisher. New limited edition art prints will be available early this autumn.

'Secrets. The mirror'

Creativity in the war time can be considered in general a form of non-violent resistance and one of the most important ways of expression in these critical times. Please tell us how is it for you, Dasha and Mari?
Needless to say that everything depends on the comfort within your soul and body, circumstances you are in and expectations you have for the nearest time. As for us, it is a barrier we need to overcome in order to settle our mind into a creative mood. Concentration within is highly important. Despite difficulties on the way, we try to manage emotions and spread the light of beauty through our art photography works to the world's society. Because the art always speaks internationally!

'Royal tea. Grace'

Art provides an universal language for the artists to convey messages. If you would put in place a project/exhibition about the last months of your life what would be the message you would like to convey?
We probably would create a series of works which speak about determination and resistance, self-confidence, doubts and indestructible will. Each of these emotions should be reflected in a special way.


The last months of war changed all our plans and our priorities. Can you please share your photography plans and future projects you would like to involve?
We definitely would like to move further with our plans and ideas which we always have within. It is a matter of right time, people and situation when everything we have in mind will be transformed into pieces of art. It is like a sparkle that brings a new fresh breath!









Royal Tea. Petals


Royal Tea. Tease




Novella II


Precioso trabajo , enhorabuena
Muchas gracias Jose Antonio!
What a beautiful and attractive set with such a grace and beauty sublimation! Love your work and the overall erotic and charming feeling.
Thank you for your compliments and thoughts dear Olivier. We wish to share more beauty and elegant artworks from the space of our imagination..!
a very interesting report. i wish everyone a peaceful life and hope that the war is over soon. i like the photos of the two twin sisters very much, they tell stories and are beautifully edited. thank you for the great report and all the love and good for the future!
Dear Ruth, thank you very much for appreciation of our Art and further development! The article is great.
Many thanks, Ruth, for your kind words!
Outstanding images ! A visual treat great article too
Thank you for compliments! Marius and Yvette worked on the article really well!
Thank you so much, Shobhit!
Terrific gallery and accurate article. Happy to following you dear Dasha and Mari. Thank you Yvette and Marius
Dear Federico, we are thankful for your warm words.
Thanks Federico! Really appreciated!
Great work and article Yvette
Credits go to Marius, dear David! Thanks for passing by ;-)
Thank you for good vibes and energy to follow our creative way in the future, in this difficult time!
Lavori fantastici, complimenti. Speriamo torni la serenità per voi e per tutto il mondo. Grazie cara Yvette e Marius per questa presentazione
Many thanks, Francesco, for your kind words!!
Thanks for wonderful words dear Francesca. We are thankful to Marius and Yvette for nice presentation and organisation of this interview!
Восхищаюсь вашим творчеством. Всё будет хорошо. Слава Украине! 🇺🇦
Thanks, Dmitry! Слава Украине!
Дорогой Дмитрий, благодарим Вас за поддержку и душевное тепло в это сложное время! Очень надеемся на хорошие перемены в мире.
Outstanding photographic work!
Dear Ludmila, we are thankful to you for your words and appreciation of our creative vision. We will do our best to continue this Art way and bring new exciting photography stories to all Art lovers!
Fantastic work!
Thank you very much!