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Some Thoughts on Fine Art Photography

by Editor Lourens Durand 
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 16th of September 2022


...end of story... by Svetlana Bekyarova


Since photography first evolved in the 1800s there have been enormous developments in the way photographs are used. Before the advent of the camera, important information was disseminated by word of mouth or hand-drawn illustrations. Once cameras became accessible, photographs became the medium of choice to capture history, illustrate the horrors of war, wonder at nature's beauty, portray important people, applaud sports achievements, record family events, and make memories. Ultimately, photographs became the backbone of the fashion and advertising industries. Then came selfies…

The result is that we are bombarded with thousands of photographs each and every day of our lives in social media, shopping centres, magazines and newspapers.

Fine Art Photography is one genre that stands out from this crowd, making you look twice. It is not driven by profit but by the passion of artistic expression, using all the elements of art and the principles of design – composition, balance, unity, movement, rhythm and pattern and contrast - and then revelling in the satisfaction of creating an artistically beautiful and compelling image, usually with a deeper meaning, mood or concept.

A great profusion of work published and awarded by falls into this category, and the following selection of photographs showcases these artists' abilities.

Lourens Durand


'The chains' by Nur Ernehir



'Light through the Barrier' by Catherine W.



'Obsession' by Lis DH Magnus



'...beyond the staircase' byCharlaine Gerber



'The Way Of The New Generation' by Levente Szabo



'The power of calm.' by Slawomir Kowalczyk



'Winter Song' by Sebestyen Bela



'Castel and Camels' by Mei Xu



'Autumn Sunrise' by Gary McParland



'Eternity' by Chris Moore



n/t by Antonio Grambone



'Kilchurn Castle' by Daniel Springgay



'In the dark of my days' by Delphine Devos



'The Pumpkins and Fruit Basket' by UstinaGreen



'Maple Leaves' by Aidong Ning



'Good old times' by Saskia Dingemans



'The Writer' by Peter Kemp



'Hanging red lantern' by John-Mei Zhong



'Yamuna Ghat, early in the morning' by Giovanni Cavalli



'Looking for a future' by Sergio Pandolfini



'Eyes' by Andrey Lobodin



'Behind the corner' by Monique



'Blushing' by Sylwester Zacheja



'when everything must come to an end.' by Djeff Act



'Dinka 1' by Sebastian Kisworo



'Smoke dance' by Sebastian Kisworo



'Blood Moon Prophecy' by hardibudi



'The last preparation' by Sebastian Kisworo


Very beautiful!
Thank you Lourens and Yvette for choosing one of my photos。this is a great honor. Love this beautiful collection of fine arts. Congratulations to all contributors.
Our pleasure, John-Mei ;-)
Such a fantastic gallery of fine art works. a delight to watch. Thanks Yvette and Lourens for sharing it with us all and warm compliments to all the participating photographers.
Thanks for your fine comment, Arnon!
Thanks, Yvette and Lourens for publishing my picture in this beautiful collection. Congratulations to all.
Our pleasure, dear friend !
Superb images
Thank you Lourens and Yvette for choosing one of my photos. This is a great collection of fine art photography, a lot of inspirations. Congratulations to all other authors!
Our pleasure, Aidong Ning !
A great series of art images, congratulations to all the authors, and thanks Laurens and Yvette for compiling and presenting them
Thanks for your appreciation, Francesca!
Beautiful article and wonderful artworks…
Beautiful collection !! .
Terrific gallery! Compliments all photographers and artists. Best wishes
Wonderful article and amazingly diverse collection of fine art images .
Excellent and artistic collection of diversity!
A beautiful collections, congratulations to all!
I love your work, your creativity. Congratulations!
Thank you so much Yvette and Lourens for displaying one of my photos! Congratulations to the other photographers as well. This collection is beautiful and thought-inspiring, good work!
Thanks dear Catherine!
A bit tight on thoughts compared to the amount of photography for this title, the title made me expect some fundamental thoughts on the art. But thanks for composing this subset of a genre.
Love the this article and collection of images.
Mei Xu PRO
Lourens and Yvette, thank you so much for including one of my images in this beautiful artical. It was taken 10 years ago. I still love it. Other images are amazing and creative. Congrats to all .
;-) Thanks for your appreciation, Mei!
Absolutely love the article and the collection of images as well.
A lovely and inspiring collection!
Congratulations to all!. They are superb and so inspiring!
Thank you very much for placing my photo in such good company of excellent photographers. Congratulations to the other photographers and congratulations on another interesting look at the photo dear Laurens and Yvette.
Thanks for your appreciation, Slawomir !
Every image is so beautiful and treat to the eyes, congratulations to all photographers and thanks Laurens and Yvette for compiling and presenting them
Thank you, dear Anita!
Many thanks, dear Yvette and Lourens for publishing my picture in this beautiful serie . Congrats to all .
Our pleasure, Saskia ;-)
Great collection of Fine Art images, Lourens. Congratulations to all the authors. Cheers, Yvette