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Pick of The Week - Everyday

by Editor Peter Davidson (PoTW - #22008)
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 18th of August 2022


                                                                                   Inside the Blue House by Muslianshah Masrie 

Capturing everyday things that happen in life requires constant observation of life itself.
Every photographer does this naturally, of course. But because everyday life constantly swirls past and through us, it's all too easy not see the everyday and the ordinary as something interesting enough to photograph. In other words, to see the extraordinary within the humdrum ordinariness that passes for most of our inconsequental life. The capture of the everyday then, is quite a difficult task. And it's an even rarer skill to make that capture extraordinary.
This weeks Pick of the Week photographer Muslianshah Masrie from Malaysia has done just that with his image of everyday domestic life. The justaposition of wife and husband on two sides of a divide. Is it a physical or emotional divide?  Is the photographer hinting at something deeper with these two characters, cast amongst vibrant hues and beautiful textures and tones that are seemingly at odds with their distictly unimpressed body language?  Or is just coincidence. Choose your story. 
The best everyday images like this allow us to infer something of the life within the scene or intrigue us into imagining a hidden story that may or may not, be actual. It doesn't really matter.  Either way, the important thing is that photographs like this and many others like it, enable the photographer to show, and the viewer to see, the extraordinary within the ordinary everyday.

Splendid shot! Wonderful work!
Beautiful selection Peter - and a fantastic frame Muslian. Congratulations all around.
This image tells a story, Well said.
Grande applauso per l'autore di questa bellissima fotografia. Da tempo guardo per scoprire tutti i suoi piccoli particolari.
Thank You
Thank You
How true. Great work. Congrats
Thank You
Beautiful work , congratulations
Thank You
txules PRO
Amazing compo and colors, just great; congrats
Thank You
An extraordinary 'ordinary' everyday shot, indeed. My best compliments, dear Muslianshah Masrie.
Thank You
Beautiful picture and beautiful interpretation.
Thank You
Alhamdulillah, spectacular shot bro Mus, big congratulations!!
Terima kasih bro