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Pick of The Week - Documentary

By Editor Peter Davidson (PoTW - #22007)
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 11th of August 2022


                                                                         Crying Child of Mundari, South Sudan by Svetlin Yosifov
Is documentary photography a vanishing genre?
Many  pionering magazines have slipped into obscurity as the internet has taken over and with it the shorter span of attention it brings has, it could be argued, diminished documentary photographic work.

But great work by dedicated photographers who adhere to recording what is happening in the world continues. It's just a little harder now to find stories that inspire, provoke thought and hopefully, a change. Either in attitude or physical action.  Photographs of real impact that carry a message and a story.

These are the photographs that long remain in the mind, unlike videos that are quickly forgotten. That's the power of great documentary pictures.  Long may it continue. 
This topic has been exploited enough..
inspiring and wonderful! Amazing work!!
Strong and emotional image !! .
Brilliant work!
Amazing and universal photograph! Bravo!
Complimenti! Immagine straordinaria che racconta.
Outstanding work! Congrats!
Impressive and Strong image. Excellent b&w, light, contrasts, DOF.
Imprfessive and Strong image. Fantastic b&w, light, contrasts, DOF.
Bellissimo scatto. Rimane nella memoria per tantissimi anni questa fotografia. Complimenti per l'articolo, ma mi avrebbe piaciuto leggere di più.
Thank you so much team!!, 🥰
It’s a great shot which evokes so many emotions , the hopeless situation is seen and felt .This is a powerful image
The works of humanistic documentary photography have a strong visual impact and have the power to change the world!