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Koi - An Invitation

by Editor Wicher Bos
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 3rd of September 2022


There are times as a photographer, when you feel empty; no creative idea, and no inspiration - the mind gives up... in those circumstances you can do various things... go to a new place, museum, talk to friends or people on the street, ... or... you are invited to visit, similar to when you visit a new museum and don’t know what you will find.

The idea came when I thought about a new magazine topic to write and check whether that topic had sufficient images in the 1x database. I recently got a new koi fish and suddenly thought, what do I get when I type 'koi' as the keyword? It surprised me... not at all just fish, in fact almost none… because the search engine also selects images if the photographers name contains this combination of characters.

Let me now share the ‘Koi’ selection… after that I tried ‘Fish’ … an overwhelming number of beauties were found… so, you will see a few of those too…

So, if you ever are in need of inspiration, visit and just type some short words or random characters as search keyword, not too many maximum three… if it doesn't bring ideas, it will surely give you viewing pleasure.




'Ran HImemiya' by Koiki



n/t by Koiki



n/t by Koiki



'Ophelia' by olgashpak



'still life with fish' by olgashpak



'eternal mystery' by olgashpak



'The inner music' by Koichiro Matsufusa



'Akashic Records' by Koichiro Matsufusa



'To accept all the emotion' by Koichiro Matsufusa



'Whispering to Platinum Queen' by Burhan



'Geisha Faceoff' by Burhan



'50% HuMan 50% ManneQUIN' by Burhan



'Natsuki' by Koichi Aoyama



'Daisuke' by Koichi Aoyama


After this; let’s try the key word Fish… just a few I recommend you check for yourself.



'Fisheye' by Stefan Eisele



'decorative fish' by Ibrahim Nabeel



'Who moved my fish (monologue)' by hardibudi



'Glass fish' by Saleh Swid



'Orange Betta' by Andi Halil



'Aquarium' by Kiyo Murakami


Great images and creativety excellent selection for ideas.
Amazing images , congratulations to all photographers
Amazing original gallery! Excellent idea, Wicher!
An excellent idea, and fantastic images.
Thanks for the suggestion, very interesting. Surprisingly particular images of incredible beauty
thank you!