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Pick of The Week - Action
by Editor Peter Davidson - PoTW #2202
Edited and Published by Yvette Depaepe, the 7th of July
'Rise of the Phoenix' by Piotr Wrobel
This image, titled Rise of the Phoenix by Piotr Wrobel, is this weeks Pick of The Week in the 1x Action category. 
A stunning and unique capture of an inverted helecopter fireing what I believe are anti-missile flares, that then form this strange bird like shape in the sky.  Catching aerobatic manouvers at air shows is never as easy as people might imagine. You have to prepare and be prepared for the unexpected to get any chance of a great shot. Luck plays a part, but the plain truth is the harder you work the luckier you get. Visit Piotr's page and you will see many fantastic images that prove this point. The skill required to capture such images should never be underestimated! Awesome work Piotr and well done! 
Each Thursday a new PoTW will be published, picked out of the 1x image categories in alphabetical order.
Next week, an image will be chosen in the 1x  'Animals' category. 
Konge godt gået
Thank you :)
Fascinating picture in best image quality!
I did my best, thank you :)
Complimenti, bel colpo impressionante
Grazie mille :)
Spectacular, impressive and top, Piotr. Congratulations on the feature PoTW. Cheers, Yvette
Hello Yvette. It's first time when my pictures is featured here. I'm really honoured :)