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Pick of The Week
By Editor Peter DavidsonPick #2201
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 30st of June 2022
'HotWok' by Colmar Wocke


'HotWok" by Colmar Wocke is the first image in a weekly series of members work that will be published here in the magazine as the 'Pick of The Week' (or PoTW as I shall refer to it). 


Each Thursday a new PoTW will be published, chosen from the 1x image categories in alphabetical order.
So for this first week, the image chosen is from the 'Abstract' category. 


Colmar, who is a South African living in Switzerland, describes his work well. Just an old rusted wok pan, but the vivid colour of the rust leads his imagination to feel as if the fire is inside the pan, leading to a visual metaphore in the flame-like rust. The importance of an authors description of his work and what it means, is always important. (and something I often fail to do myself) 


The direct and simple composition of the image elements, the strong diagonal of the handle and the contrasting red and blue, make for an arresting abstract. Like looking into a fire, you can lose yourself in this picture. Beautifully taken and rendered with great skill, an excellent image. 



I just loved the idea.
Miguel, thank you for the appreciation! !
What a great idea Peter! There are so many wonderful images uploaded every day, highlighting one a week is a great way to increase exposure of one of our members. Such a simple yet so impactful image, I love it!
Glad you like the idea and the picture Kim!
Very nice, congratulations!
Complimenti e bella iniziativa come sempre cara Yvette
Glad you like this initiative of Peter Davidson, Francesca !
Precioso trabajo , felicidades
Thanks, Jose !
Congratulations for being the very first in the new series 'Pick of The Week' Colmar. Fine and well composed abstract image! Cheers, Yvette