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Day and night lights of the world

by Editor Miro Susta 
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 27th of June 2022

The lights of the world: a great passion and a sign of true love for photography.


'Gangway Borealis' by Javier de la Torre


It is our wish to bring you closer to the light photography with all its possibilities and facets.
This photo article wants to bring the beauty of light closer to the readers, but also to inspire with colours, moments, motifs and the beauty of light.


'Amsterdam' by Juan Pablo de Miguel


Most of the time we can find inspiration directly in the world of photography - and by browsing photos published by famous and less famous photographers.


'Tuscany Sunrise' by Jarek Pawlak


Fortunately we have a wide gallery with beautiful photographs at our disposal, it is the 1x photo gallery from which all the photos in this article were taken. Many thanks to all contributors.


'Tre Cime di Lavaredo' by Larry Deng


Enjoy the photos created by the sun, moon, night sky, natural phenomena or simply by artificial city and other light effects.

I hope you all will find these pictures both interesting and motivating. Whether you are in a creative slump or want to try new things; this article can help you break out of your usual ruts.


'Waiting for the miracle' by Matjaz Cater



'Riverdance' by Arild Heitmann



'Sunset at Andenes' by Roy Samuelsen



'Reflections' by Miro Susta



'Night light' by Veselin Atanasov



'Azure city' by Rana Jabeen



'Eye of Stokksnes' by Wojciech Kruczynski



'City Light' by Hanaa Turkistani



'Under the Milky Way' by John Fan



'Three wise men' by Hua Zhu



'NYC' by Leif Løndal



'Be careful' by Mathilde Guillemot



'lost in thought' by Dirk Juergensen



'High tension' by Miro Susta



'The secure ground of home...' by Yvette Depaepe



'Power line' by Tiger Seo



'Lightcatchers' by Marc Adamus



'Cabo Mayor' by Pablo Ruiz Garcia



'Place of silence' by Ingo Dumreicher



'Trainsets' by Leif Løndal



'... the atmosphere of the morning…' by Johanes Januar



'Fairy tale' by Miro Susta



'Lighting of the lens' by Miles Morgan



'celebration' by Ibrahim Canakci


Switch to a new genre, wait for possible changes or try recreating images you like.


'The light in the forest' by Allan Wallberg


Do you have any other handy suggestions you could share with us? Post them in the comments, We are curious!

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Amazing and wonderful images
Many thanks for your appreciation Pang
Amazing and wonderful collection of images Miro and Yvette. Thank you so much for including my image in this great gallery. Congrats to all featured artists.
Many thanks Tiger, we appreciate very much your praise
Beautiful picture, you get caught here.
Many thanks Jorgen
Nice to see that you like it Mayathara
Amazing collection! Congratulations!
Thank you very much Carmen
superbes clichés ...
Merci Anna
An inspiring and wonderful collection of images Miro and Yvette. Thank you so much for including my image in this great gallery. Congratulations to all featured artists.
Thank you Rana, we are glad to be able to select one photo from your excellent gallery for this article.
Congratulations to everyone featured, brilliant work!
Many thanks Wayne.
Excellent collection! Learning! Thanks a lot!
Thank you very much for your appreciation Wanghan.
Wondeful collection and nice article, thanks for sharing !
Many thanks Raymond.
Many thanks Raymond.
Very interest article and great collection, big thanks to Miro Susta and Yvette Depoepe.++
Many thanks Larry for your appreciation.
Very honored to be in this wonderful selection. A big thank-you
You are most welcome dear Mathilde.
I want to thank you that a photo entitled ".....the atmosphere of the morning " has been given the opportunity to be present in the very interesting article forum at the Full Light Gallery. Regards
Many thanks for nice words Johanes.
Thank you so much for this article and the gorgeous photographs presented. All these images are very interesting and motivating. A photo gallery full of light and color that lead us to dream of the distant lands where we live.
Thank you very much for nice words of appreciation Francesca. We are glad to see that you like it.
Such a stunning collection, I paused at every image and soaked in the beautiful ambience, these images have so much vibrancy and calmness at the same time . Congratulations to the photographers and kudos to editors for compiling the images
Great thanks dear Anita. We are very pleased to see that you like the photo selection and the article.
very nice collection, thank you for sharing!
Many thanks Gabrielle.
Very nice, Thank you!
Thank you Allan.
Many thanks Shaibal.