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Eyes: the gate to our secret garden

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 17th of June 2022


 'Hi!' by Wieteke de Kogel


What’s the first thing you notice in a portrait?
It’s the eyes, as people are naturally inclined to making eye contact. The eyes are a reflection of the true essence of the person.
The whole psychological and physiological state of a person is reflected in those two screens. The eyes may remain wide open, half-open, or even closed, but they are always full of feelings.

The eyes give an idea of the character – through the eyes, you can read thoughts.

When you admire famous portraits created by great artists such as Da Vinci, or Steve McCurry, pay attention to how they conveyed the look. Notice how the mood was reflected in the eyes. Eyes are in the spotlight.

The eyes are open windows into our soul.
They can change our facial expression and show our emotions in a matter of seconds. They have the capability to reflect our feelings and emotions, expressing happiness, love, protection and comfort, but also anger, sadness or pain. Yes, they are indeed gates into our most intimate corners, which makes us both vulnerable and powerful.

I admire those images in which the eyes can tell a story. Unfortunately, not every picture can transmit such a feeling; but when this is achieved, it is just fascinating.

Here is a selection of some images from the 1x archives.
They forced me to stop and stare at them, trying to unearth somehow the secret stories they might hide.
All of them, if you take a careful look, will transport you to a different place, time, feeling and state of mind.


'vogue' by Josefina Melo



'Romi' by Martin Krystynek, QEP



'Twin love' by Peter Müller Photography



'Twins' by Sheyda Karimi



'Paranoia' by Samanta



'Watch out! It's slippery' by Francesco Martinelli



'Cross' by Samuel Zlatarev



'Mathilda' by Alexander Vinogradov



'Wodaabe beauty' by Trevor Cole



'putry' by Jockie Ferrino



'Untitled' by Alex Malikov



'The power of an eye' by Ivan Kavaldzhiev



'through his glasses' by Kharinova Uliana



'Leela and Asha' by Norbert Becke



'Shadé' by Andre du Plessis



'Look of wonder' by Marc Apers



'...untitled...' by Ela Stein



'little secrets' by Piet Flour



'Little Spy' by Frank Dalemans



Wonderful selection of fantastic work .. thanks Yvette to let me be part of it
Nice job lumping poor Leonardo together with Steve McCurry. You forgot to mention Mickey Mouse - also a great artist.
Ottime foto, impressionante l'idea dell'occhio come espressione dell'anima, complimenti e grazie
Intriguing interview, Yvette, and such a fascinating series of images! Thank you for sharing this!
I am impressed with the strength of the line of sight.
wonderful set of eyes! thank you Yvette!
Thanks for your appreciation, Gaby ;-)
Great collection, Thanks Yvette!
Glad you like this collection, Dennis. All honour goes to the authors ;-)
Great works.. Congratulations to all
Wonderful! It's a great collection!
Great topic and image collection! Thank you so much, Yvette!
Many thanks, dear Louie Lou!
Grazie per questo articolo cara Yvette, complimenti nella scelta impeccabile delle fotografie. Complimenti ai fotografi 👏👏
Thanks dear Francesca !
Thank you for a great article and a perfect choice of photos which proves the importance of eye contact in photography.
You're nailing the essence, dear Tessa ... Thanks !
Beautiful selection that clearly proves the point made in the article! Thx Yvette for this great article.
Many thanks, dear Wicher!
Lovely article Yvette, and the images are amazing!
Thank you, dear Kim ... ;-)
wonderful works, congratulations to all !!
molto belle complimenti a tutti
Beautiful picture, really stunning collection
Just beautiful. congrats to all.
Beautiful images and lovely article, congratulations to all photographers