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Exhibition 'time machine' by Uwe Kobold

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 8th of June 2022


'Exhibitions' is a powerful tool to create online exhibitions with your photos. You can add quotes, change the order of your photos and align them in different ways and change the size. Just like a gallery curator arranging prints on the walls of an exhibition you can do the same. The landing page on your profile is an exhibition which you can customize, you can also add more exhibitions and decide which one should be your landing page.

A succesful exhibition will be published in the magazine on a regular base.
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In the spotlights today, the exhibition 'time machine' by Uwe Kobold.

Time and space are a matter of individual perception. Layers of memories and expectations about the past, the future and different spaces are starting to mingle. Time Machine is working ... in between is the present, the now.

This exhibition may also inspire the participants to the currently running contest about time.


[1] time machine by Uwe Kobold (

To trigger your curiosity, here are a few images.


'the time travelers'








Time is such a fascinating subject and the images relating to it are well conceived and edited.My compliments dear Uwe on this impressive exhibition.
Thank you for this nice feedback dear Arnon.
Thanks and congratulations to everyone.
Thank you, dear Massimo
Uwe! nice exhibition at all! Time is quite a complex matter...
Thank‘s, dear Giuseppe!
Interesting theme and so well illustrated ideas in the photo gallery
Thank you, Ludmila!
Very nice and interesting exhibition, Uwe. Congratulations, dear friend.
Thank you a lot, dear Yvette! I‘m really surprised to find this exhibition selected.
Articolo interessante, una bellissima scelta di immagini, complimenti Uwe e grazie Yvette
Thank you, dear Francesca. All honour goes to UWE ;-)
Thank you, dear Francesca!
Great article Yvette and a unique collection of images, well done Uwe!
Thanks dear Kim !
Thank‘s a lot, dear Kim!
Very interesting article Yvette, congratulations Uwe
Thank you, Anita ... It is fine to discover excellent exhibitions!
Thank you, Anita!