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Featured Exhibition "It's a Mad World"

By Dina Bova
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 1st of June 2022


"If you feel like loosing your mind right now - you are absolutely sane. If you feel that everything is normal or even great - you are absolutely insane!"


This exhibition is the result of my reflections about the insane world in which we live today.

On the offensive of totalitarism on freedom. About lies, brainwashing and propaganda.

About illusions, pain, cruelty, indifference. About insecurity and fear. 

About broken dreams that the good is not always victorious over the evil.

And yet, against the extreme cruelty and callousness of ones, stands the incredible bravery, dignity and humanity of others.


I want to dedicate this exhibition to the brave people of Ukraine and wish them fortitude and strength in this bloody war.

– Dina Bova



This featured exhibition is exposed on the opening page or our site and will be there till the 30st of June 2022.


Link:  [2] It's a mad world by Dina Bova (
Here are a few images you can admire in this exhibition, just to trigger your curiousity.




'Memory of the Future'


'The Return'


'Sophia of Kiev - Raped but Unbroken'
Fantásticas, felicidades a tod@s
thank you!
Thank you so much for sharing my photo
Thank you!
Immagini che colpiscono al cuore per l'impatto e la storia reale che è sotto ai nostri occhi. Grazie per averci suscitato emozioni
Thank you!
Grossartige und aussergewöhnliche Kunst!
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Excellent exhibition Dina! Thank you so much for sharing your extraordinary art!
Thanks a lot, Ralf!
thank you very much!!!
Very impact full images they arouse so much meaning and emotion,
thank you!