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Buildings and Abstract Art

Interview/tutorial by Editor Michel Romaggi in collaboration with the author Francesca Ferrari 
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 30st of May 2022


Francesca’s latest photographs offer us vertiginous geometric abstract paintings made from photographs of building facades.
These “abstract of buildings", as she calls them, aroused my curiosity.
Francesca was kind enough to reveal some secrets about her creations, both original and aesthetical. 


'Abstract Expo Milan 2015 – Polish pavilion


Can you tell us, first, how you came up with the idea of these "abstract of buildings", as you call them?

In the past, I was photographing a little bit of everything to understand what kind of photography I liked the most and gave me more inner satisfaction. In the recent years I have found my own style.
Photographing buildings is a passion of mine. However, I wanted to see them from my particular point of view, in unusual sizes and shapes.
I am having fun and at the same time, I am often surprised by some of the results in this type of photography.


'Abstract in London'


How do you choose the buildings to photograph?

First of all, I'm looking to be "captivated" by a facade that I think may give aesthetically interesting results in terms of colour, shape, window sets, geometries...


Can you explain how you achieve such a result? How do you take photos?
What manipulations and post-processing allow you to arrive at these abstract and symmetrical images?

To get such a result, you have to try to stand in front of the building to get a good shot.  You have to photograph the part of the building that interests you the most and which can be useful to treat it well afterwards.  You have to look for the right light and shadows.  You have to avoid photographing disturbing elements. However, I believe that in order to achieve a successful photo, you must look for the best solution from time to time.
I use the gimp program with the distortion filter, and the polar coordinates. Once I got the result convincing me, I switch to the Photoshop to control the lines, curves, light, and shadows...




What equipment and setting do you use?

I have a Nikon D3200 camera with two lenses: 18x 55 VR and 55x300 and a Manfrotto tripod. The technical aspect is less important, but I believe that for each photo, you must look for the best settings which may be very different. The gear at our disposal: cameras, lenses etc., are just tools that, if used correctly, allow us to obtain excellent images.


'Abstract of the Certosa of Pavia'


Finally, can you tell us a little about yourself and your photographic practice?

I live in northern Italy, in the Veneto region. I have always been fascinated by photographs and images. Photography is a beautiful hobby that focuses you on a world of your own. I have been doing photography for about 10 years. I follow many tutorials because I always want to learn new techniques and other styles of work. You never stop learning because there is always something new. I watch many photo sites. I see it as an exercise to improve myself.
I also publish on Photovogue and started there to see if my photos were good.  It was a springboard to see if I should leave or continue.
I photograph for myself because I love the interesting world surrounding us. We have so much beauty around us, but we don't realize how much we waste it. At the same time, I am struck by the genius of the men constructing special buildings that enhance our cities and are a challenge to the photographer.
I consider 1x to be a platform with a high level of quality. I am really proud to be able to show my photographs and now to write these lines for the interview. I hope to have been useful to many of you.

Each of us is an artist.
Maybe you don't know that.
Photography is one of the ways to find out.


'Abstract in London'

I find your image ideas very remarkable and am surprised that you have not yet received an award from the curators for these images.... Keep up the good work, good luck!
Ops, scusa del ritardo nella risposta,. Grazie mille molto gentile 🤗
È interessante leggere del tuo viaggio fotografico. Stai presentando eccellenti foto di costruzioni e dettagli architettonici, meravigliose prospettive. Luce e chiarezza superbe, colori eccellenti. Ben fatto Francesca.
Grazie mille, Felice del tuo scritto e che ti piacciano i miei lavori.
Absolutely mesmerising and beautiful photographs , loved The beautiful abstracts, congratulations Freancesca
Thank you so much dear Anita 🤗
Complimenti Francesca, meritato palcoscenico.
Grazie mille Fabrizio 🤗
Infiniti complimenti Francesca per la tua straordinaria visione fotografica grazie alla quale crei sempre capolavori di geometrie e colori spettacolari!!
Grazie mille cara Marina, molto gentile 🤗
E' stato veramente bello ed interessante sapere di più circa il tuo percorso fotografico. Sei veramente brava a cogliere i particolari costruttivi ed architettonici del tessuto urbano, tramutandoli nella tua espressione e visione artistica attraverso forme, luci e colori che catturano lo sguardo dello spettatore. Congratulazioni!
Grazie mille Francesco per questa lettura 🤗
Wonderful to see your work featured here, dear Francesca, and to read about it and your journey in photography. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful images in the future.
Grazie mille cara Elizabeth. Felice che ti piaccia. Un caro saluto 😘
Une réalisation technique parfaite et une extraordinaire luminosité. Très beau travail, Francesca.
Grazie mille Isabelle, grazie mille del tuo commento. Molto gentile 🤗
Excellent and innovative architectural abstract work Francesca, thank you very much for your story and explanation, all the best!
Grazie mille, molto gentile 🙏