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'Nature Impressions' by Roswitha Schleicher-Schwarz

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 18th of May 2022


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In the spotlights today, the exhibition 'Nature Impressions' by Roswitha Schleicher-Scharwz which is currently running in Starnberg (Germany).
Nature impressions by Roswitha Schleicher-Schwarz (

To trigger your curiosity, here are a few images. 


'snow walker'


'sailing trip'



'birch umbrella'



Amazing horsepictures <3 I have done a lot of horsepictures in my time and would love to do something like this :)
So many thanks Dorte!
Looks like very interesting work. I believe its impact lies in the full body of work. Would really like to see it.
Thank you so much Francisco!
Wonderful work, congrats!!
Many thanks Helena!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Präsentation hier liebe Roswitha!! Deine Bilder haben immer wieder das ganz Besondere!
Ganz lieben Dank, Andreas!
Excellent works , many congratulations
Thank you so much Aguaneigra!
Nice, pleasant to watch and inspiring ,Congratulations.
So many thanks Mladen!
Beautiful images…congratulations
Thanks a lot Anita!
Wunderbare Arbeiten, die mich immer wieder begeistern!
Dankeschön, Susanne!
Wonderful nature images with a personal signature. Love it dear Roswitha. My compliments
So many thanks dear Arnon!
Congratulation, wonderful work
Many thanks Rolf!
Eine wunderbare Ehrung deiner kreativen Arbeiten und hochverdient. Glückwunsch Roswitha!!!!
Ganz lieben Dank, Erhard!
Fantastic works, congratulations 🎊
So many thanks Thomas!
Nochmals viel Erfolg in Starnberg Roswitha! "Sailing trip" kannte ich noch nicht, ganz vorzüglich...!
Ich danke dir herzlichst, Hans Günther!