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1x Donates 10,000 USD to UNICEF

During April we promised to donate 25% of our Pro membership sales to UNICEF to support the children of Ukraine. Now that April is over we have decided to donate a far bigger amount, an entire 10,000 USD in total. Being a paying member and part of this creative community means that you are part of this donation and helping out, so we sincerely want to thank you so much for your contributions.


In Ukraine civilians are being targeted by the invading forces and the suffering is unspeakable. Children are always the biggest victims of war. Let’s try to help them and give them their future back. Every contribution is important.


If you would like to make an additional donation, go to UNICEFs website here.


Thanks for being part of 1x and making a difference.


Ralf & Jacob

Founders of 1x

© Michael Zheng

© Benjamine Hullot Scalvenzi

© Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp

© Sergio Rapagnà

© Dmitry Laudin

© Stephane Navailles
© Alessandro Catta
© Inge Schuster


I am very proud that one of my photos has been used for this important initiative. Thank You!
Thank you for taking the initiative to support Ukraine. They need all the help they can get.
Keep up the good philanthropic gestures , these give all of us a great feeling of purpose towards important causes
Superb idea. Congrats to the founders of 1x.
Great initiative, I am proud to be a member of 1X. As a Pole, I know what the lack of freedom means and the consequences it entails, especially for children. You are GREAT!
a great initiative, it brings a little light.
A commendable initiative!
very well done!
Excellent, thank you Ralf and Jacob!
Great iniative!
This is outstanding - makes me feel great that I am part of the community that is contributing towards the well-being of the future generation, especially supporting children and families of the war-torn Ukraine - keep up the great work
Children deserve everything. Congratulations on the initiative to the founders of 1x and to all colleagues.
I get happy when I read these words. Hope all children can grow up in a world without war and evil people. Have a hard time understanding how little babies can grow up to be evil people. What's going on? But all credit to your fine initiative.
Congratulations for your initiative, Ralf and Jacob! A gesture of compassion and generosity! Love the photo gallery in blue and yellow!
Excellent initiative, thank you Ralf and Jacob
Great, Ralf and Jacob! Makes me proud to be a member of 1x.