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BOYHOOD by Martin Stranka
Featured exhibition by Martin Stranka
Published by Yvette Depaepe, the 16th of May 2022


is the time in life when one begins to discover himself through inner dialogues and explore his own identity in the whole spectrum of human existence. Moments when we begin to find new intoxicating views of the world and actually lose idealized ideas about ourselves and our surroundings. We become architects of our own life castles in the air. In defiance, we break patterns instilled in us and form our own new strongholds, reconnecting with the environment and isolating ourselves again.
The first fleeting, intimate moments are often replaced by an unexpected responsibility for ourselves and for the feelings of others. The search for security is followed by the loss of solid ground underfoot. We create places where we feel safe from all social hustles.The boyhood series is based on the emotional component of the boys in their relationships with themselves and their surroundings which becomes the main link in the whole concept. The period of boyhood is full of the power of coveted peaks and frequent alienations.
Boyhood absorbs and devours every external and internal stimulus that it is exposed to. We repeatedly lose ourselves so that we can find ourselves again. We seek stability only to find that in the end alienation and shaky human relationships will forever be an integral part of our lives. Even so, a form of alienation can be poetically a visual beauty. This stage hides great contrasts within.

The Boyhood series is a narrative visual confession and maps personally experienced and mediated experiences. Emotions and rational create the inevitable surface of friction. People are present in their physical shells, with their thoughts detached from that place at the same time. The viewer is thus offered a view of the seemingly unfinished story. What led to this situation and what will happen next is the question I am looking for an answer to. Our unfinished and untold personal stories.

'Behind the Trees'
'Remember Me'
'You and I'
'Unspoken Words'
'She Remembers'
Alienation Can Be Poetically a Visual Beauty

'Lovers and Mothers'
Wonderful poetic gallery, my compliments dear Martin to you and to Yveyye for sharing your talent with us.
Compelling and evocative photographs. Wonderful gallery.
Fantástico trabajo, enhorabuena
Visual poetry at It's best. Many complments!
un bel lavoro complimenti
In my opinion, a really interesting research work! Thank you for posting it.
I love your work! Thanks for sharing!
Fantastic photography, great article!
your pictures are great cinema! I am thrilled!