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New Pro Features : Activity / Top lists & Tutorials

by the Founders Ralf Stelander and Jacob Jovelou
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe 


'Photographer' by Larry Deng


We have greatly redesigned the top lists and created a whole new activity feature where you can see detailed statistics of all your activities on 1x, including levels (0-100) for each category.

To see your own statistics, click on 'Statistics' in your settings


Your Settings : Statistics


Global activity


Details : Likes given



Details: Comments given


Further more:
* Followers gained
* Photos published
* Photos awarded
* Votes in curation
* Comments in curation
* Critique given
* Forum posts

The levels are mentioned in each category.


You can also open and look at other members' stats by clicking the points next to the number of followers on their profile (idem for your own stats).


Example portfolio Hardibudi

Hardibudi global stats (followed by all detail levels)


The top lists are now ordered according to the new points system on




Top members




Top awarded


Further more:
* Regional
* New
* Your score

All stats are generated instantly without delay.



You can see them all on





Great news, full of improvements that help us a lot.
Great additions to 1X and well deseved compliments to the pepole who made it possible.
Thanks much appreciated
yeni değişiklikleri çok beğendim. teşekkürler... :)
Vado vedere tutto.
Thank you for your hard work. Looking forward to using the new features.
All very much appreciated, thank you.
Thank you very much for introducing this new feature and the tutorial!
Nicely explained great features.
Thanks, Chris !
Great new features! Well done
Thank you Thomas ...