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Ruth Franke : Photographer of the week

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 18th of April 2022

For Ruth Franke every photo is still created in the eye of the beholder and the camera is the tool to implement this and the subsequent refinement on the computer is a huge step forward.  Essential to her is the 'moment' which makes unforgettable a photo.  Here is the story of her photographic career.


'at the window'


Who am I?
I was born in 1960, in a family that has always used photography to capture beautiful memories.
I live in Austria and Switzerland and work as an accountant in an industrial company.


Photography was a great hobby of mine from a young age and so it became one of my special passions. I have been taking photographs for over 40 years now. That means analogue for a long time, when the photo was definitely taken in the camera. The processing and shaping only took place in the darkroom.

Later, in 1988 to be precise, I got the opportunity to train as a photographer. The main subjects were studio photography and wedding reportages.

I love to write history, to capture moments, to give duration to time.


In 2008, I met my partner Christian Kurz and with him I switched to digital photography. We both enjoy this great passion, whether in nature, travelling or in our own little studio at home. We are firmly attached to this subject. For a few years we ran a photo club together and that's how we got into competition photography. This in turn led us not only to participate in international photo contests, but also to learn how to judge pictures.

For me, every photo still originates in the eye of the beholder and the camera is then the tool to realise this. The subsequent refinement on the computer is a big step forward.

The subject of fine art nude has occupied me for 2 years. It is important to me to create artistic eroticism, photos that achieve a special image statement through the construction of a special studio setting. I like to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

1x is a great inspiration for me, an archive of gigantic shots and the kick to try out new things. But in the foreground is the moment that I make unforgettable with a photo.

By the way, I shoot with a Sony Alpha 99 and various fast lenses.


'fallen angel'









'men's outfitter'



'the dressmaker's closing time'






'the girl with the red hair'



'same procedure as every morning...'









'with roses'


Complimenti cara Ruth e grazie anche a Yvette
immer wieder spannend etwas über die Person hinter der Kamera zu erfahren. Sehr gutes Interview und starke Auswahl an Bildern. Gratuliere lieber Ruth. Many thanks also to Yvette
Beautiful and aesthetically well mastered portfolio
Not only beholder, but thoughts in refinements, objects in elegance . Very nice
Thank you Ella!
Terrific works Ruth. Happy to follow you. Best regards
Thank you so much Federico!
Impressed by your words and love your works.
Thank you so much!
Dear Ruth, thanks for sharing your very inspirational story. You have your distinct signature in int photography which I love. My compliments to you and to Yvette on this fine interview and gallery. Have a good week.
Thanks, dear Arnon
Thank you so much Arnon! And also many thanks to Yvette!
mille granzie!
Wonderful images and truly inspirational work.
Thank you so much Colin!