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1x Donation to UNICEF for the Ukrainian Children

Announcement from the 1x founders Ralf Stelander and Jacob Jovelou
Published by Yvette Depaepe, the 1st of April 2022


The war in Ukraine is shocking the whole world. Our community sympathizes with the millions of refugees, mainly women and children while their fathers, sons, husbands are fighting for their country. The word "CHILD" now means "TARGET". This is what happened when a theater in Mariupol was bombed with this word written in big letters on the ground both in front and behind the building. Over a thousand civilians were said to be looking for shelter inside this clearly non-military building when it was destroyed. According to local authorities 300 people were killed.

'Children have no choice' by John Wilhelm



1X will donate 25% of all Pro membership sales in April 2022 to UNICEF  to help children in UKRAINE.


We all know that a picture speaks a thousand words. It has the power to move a mind and to compel it to act. Photography has been, in its purest form, a silent recorder of humanity for as long as it’s been around. 
This time too, the power of photography can raise awareness around the world, build support and help to change the dramatic situation in Ukraine. To encourage this, Pro memberships for Ukrainian photographers are from now on free.


We are overwhelmed on a daily base with horrible and poignant images of destruction and humanitarian dramas. We want to express our concerns about our Ukrainian members and friends. Are they safe? We have tried to contact our Ukrainian members, but most of the time the only response is a frightening silence. Our most heartfelt wishes go to our Ukrainian members, their familes and loved ones. Let's hope together for peace so that we can welcome them and enjoy their photographs again in the near future.


Let's share our sympathy and warm thoughts with them and the Ukrainian people. To show our deepest support for Ukraine, we have changed the logo of our Instagram page with nearly 300,000 followers to the colors of the Ukrainian flag, which are the same as the colors of the Swedish flag, where 1x is founded. Never before in a war have we felt so closely connected to the victims, because of all the personal photos and stories which have been shared and which we continue to repost on Instagram. We wish for peace and hope this war ends as soon as possible, but until then let's use the power of photography to make a difference.


'About spring' by Tatyana Skorokhod



'Taste of summer' by Dasha and Mari



'Yaroslaviv Val Street (Kiev)' by Alexander Kiyashko


'Anastasia (Kiev 2016)' by Arkadiy Kurta


'Alone' by Sergey Fett



'Time is born' by magnola



'Church Of St. John The Baptist (Dnipro) – Russian-Ukrainian war 2017' by Andrii Maykovskyi



'Beauty Of The Caucasus' by Andrew Jordan


'Victoria and Yasmin' by Alexandr Sutula



'Odessa tram' by Dmitry Skvortsov



'Jasper, Canada' by Alexander Lozitsky



n/t by David Dubnitskiy


'Divided pink' by Olga Dzyuba


Many thanks Miro and dear Yvette. Great article and selections.
Great initiative. I try to stay in touch with a several Ukrainian photographers and re-post their war photos on Facebook. They really do appreciate it. It would be wonderful if you could somehow 'pin' this article so that remains visible, like a banner.
Such a beautiful initiative! It is heart warming to witness the compassion and solidarity!
great idea and remarkable signs of helpfulness
Hi Hans-Wolfgang, thank you very much for your support! It feels good how we as a community can help out, being a Pro member of 1x you are also contributing!
Thank you!
Great initiative!
Thanks for your support Marius!
Great initiative!!
Thanks Raceala! We are glad to be able to help and as a paying member of this community you are also contributing!
This is a generous idea and impressive initiative as counterweight to that horrible inhuman and meaningless act of violence. Let us hope that a solution comes quickly to stop this drama and give a future to the next generations ....
Hi Gilbert, yes, what strikes me too is how unnecessary and meaningless all this extreme suffering is since there was no reason to start this war and it's totally illegitimate. Thanks a lot for your support.
I am from Ukraine. And can buy my prints here to help. I am ready to send 100% from selling 🇺🇦🙏✊
Hi Sergey, thanks a lot for your support! Our thoughts are with you and the Ukrainian people and children.
Excellent initiative! And well presented too, with some impressive images…
Thanks Wicher, being part of this community we are all helping out!
Thanks a lot to 1X for this manifestation of real humanity! Thanks much to all people in the world who support my country in this cruel war against russizm. Glory to Ukraine!
Hi Yehven, nobody should have to experience something as horrible as this, especially not children. Our thoughts are with you and the Ukrainian people, and we do what we can to help out.
An excellent initiative that has been taken, in relation to children in Ukraine. Let's hope the war ends quickly and everything goes back to normal.
Hi Fernando, we are glad to be able to help both in making the world more aware about what is going on and also with monetary contributions to the children of Ukraine.
A magnificent initiative that will serve so that many children can receive help. These are very difficult days for millions of families and with whom we feel united by a tragedy that few of us imagined could happen again in Europe. Send a warm hug to all Ukrainian comrades and wish peace to return to our lives soon.
Thanks for your support Elena! Children are always innocent and unfortunately often the biggest victims war.
Very beautiful gesture from 1x .com. Our heart is with Ukraine❤
Thanks Gabrielle!
That’s a thoughtful gesture, props to 1x.
Thank you Gerda, I think it's great how we can do good as a community.
Many thanks to the leadership of 1X for the generous support of UNICEF to help the children of Ukraine. To date, 145 children have died and more than 222 children have been injured because of Russia's attack on Ukraine. A huge number of Ukrainian children were left without parents, without a home, many fled the war with their mothers to safe places. In addition, many thanks for the support of authors from Ukraine! I live in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. This is my hometown. Russian troops are standing near the city, they are held back by Ukrainian soldiers selflessly defending their homeland. The city is bombarded daily by Russian troops, and air raid sirens are sounded several times a day. But we Ukrainians hope for the victory of Ukraine, this is vitally important for us. From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone who has a heart with Ukraine!
Dear Tatyana, thank you so much for your answer. We all hope you and your family will stay safe. Our hearts are with Ukraine !!!
Stay safe
Stay safe please! Peace to all people!
Dear Tatyana, I hope the peace will come soon in Ukraine! Our hearts are with you! Stay safe and take care!
Thanks Tatyana. The Ukrainian troops have been extremely brave defending their country against an enemy far superior in power. I'm afraid that the numbers of victims you mention are in reality much bigger. At this point we need to do everything we can to support the people of Ukraine and pray hope for a quick ending to this to stop this immense suffering.
very beautiful and very generous 1x initiative. we all think of our Ukrainian friends hoping that this warlike madness will stop very quickly.
Thanks Michel, yes, let's pray for a quick ending and a stop to this terrible tragedy and suffering.
Great move, many thanks to 1x management for this generous donation. I hope that Russia and Ukraine will stop this unnecessary war, stop killing each other and innocent people, send the guns to museum and learn again how to love each other.
Dear friend! Unfortunately, it will soon be impossible to forget about this horror and barbarity due to Russia's aggression against Ukraine! Pandora's box has been opened! The grief of ordinary people, the death of loved ones and family members, the destruction of dwellings that were built by civilians often over the years with the expenditure of strength and health, for many years and generations will not be able to reconcile the peoples of Ukraine and Russia!
Dear Tatyana, I feel with you and with all Ukrainians. I know what war is about, and how cruel it may be. What is happening in your country is really terrible. Believe me, I know from my own experience what it means for you, experience from 1968 when 500,000 army invaded my homeland. I pray for you and all people of Ukraine and hope that this tragedy will soon come to an end.
Well said Miro, agree on all accounts. Thank you!
All credit to you for this great initiative.
Thanks in the name of our founders, Benny !
Thank you Benny, we are happy to support the victims of this war and especially the children in any way we can.