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Four new features to discover

Announcement from the 1x management
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 23rd of February 2022


We're glad to announce four most interesting and handy features.

-        Comments on exhibitions
-        'Feelings' from curation
-        Follow Photographers





Exhibitions is a great tool and being able to comment is an enormous stimulants for the artists creating exhibitions.  An exhibition also includes the photographer profiles and works like a guestbook).
Open an exhibition of an artist you're following and scroll down to the end.
There you will see the frame where you can write your comment and the possibility to share the exhibition on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


example of an exhibition


Comments and feedback



In the member and expert curation, you can give your opinion about the main improvements or most positive feedback on an image and that is represented by circles divided in several parts showing the results.
But as you know, in curation it is also possible to select feelings you get when seeing a photo. This is now displayed in the photo directory together with other statistics from curation.



Go and open one of your published or awarded images, click on details and you will see the feedback circles but also the 'feelings' from the member curators on this photo.



For Images who weren't accepted, you still can see the 'feelings' when you open it in your settings by clicking on 'images' and on 'details' from that image.




This is a most handy and interesting feature.
It is now easier to follow photographers both in the image flow in the galleries and when opening a photo in full size.


 Follow option in 'flow' (instead of thumbnails) on the right side of the image, next to the title



Follow option in 'photo full size' under the artist's name on the right of 'published'


Try out these new features and enjoy...
You will not be able to miss them any more.

Great idea, I find myself following more fellow photographers
great to have these new features...thank you...
A lot of congratulations for your excellent and useful work!! You look always ahead!
Thanks for your appreciation, Marina!
all of them very nice and useful
Thank you, Stefano !
Glad you appreciate the new features, Raymond!
Thanks you very much!
You're welcome, Raymond!
Very useful, thanks a lot.
Thanks for your appreciation, my friend !
Thank you!
Great features. Congrats for the good work.
Thank you, Miguel !
They will be useful, thanks
Thanks for your appreciation, Piergiuseppe.
harika yenilikler, teşekkürler. :)
Thank you, Inci !
That great features 👏👏
Thanks, Szerge, glad you all appreciate it.
Great improvements! I really appreciate the creative work of the entire team. Keep in up...
They are, Micheal ! So grateful with all the positive feedback here !
the thumbnail overview is wonderful!
Yes, I fully agree with you, Marius !
Thank you very much, Jacob. And thank you so much for this excellent article, as usual, dear Yvette ! Have a good evening. Best regards to all. Francesco
Thank you, Francesco ... in the name of the 1x management ;-)
My pleasure, dear Yvette...Yes, in the name of 1x management. :-)
And another feature was added: The long awaited thumbnail view for each profile. Click on "overview" at the right bottom of a profile page. Thanks to the team! Cheers, Hans Martin
Thank you, Hans Martin! I think I will post a new article for this long awaited thumbnail overview. To important !!!
Thumbnail overview is added to the new features. I didn't know about it. Jacob just asked me to add it. So done !!!
very nice and handy features, thanks a lot!
Glad you like the new features, Gaby ;-)
Really nice features, thank you.
Thanks, Nicolae
Nice features, well done!
Thank you, Thomas!