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The Sound of Silence

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 11th of March 2022

Immersed in a visual world, we lived through many transformations of the art and the media of photography.  Images are the biggest tool for storytelling.


by Masatoshi Washimi


“Writing a poem of silence” is a metaphor expressed in photography with light and shadow.
Silence is sometimes more deafening than words, a silence made into a poem of light, dedicated to that deafening void left by words that have never been spoken. 
The sound of silence in photography is magical, spiritual, transcendent, inspiring, humbling. The sound of silence can embrace dreams and express emotions.


Light is silent, and yet it speaks to us.
The soft whisper of a morning fog.
The exclamation of a bird taking flight.
The harsh shout of a brilliant sun.
The murmurs and conversations of a landscape.
Look. Listen the loudness of silence.


by Martin Zalba



by Shenshen Dou

by Fabrizio Massetti

by Daniel Vine

The perception of the symbiotic relationship between sound and silence is a perception deeply embedded in our cultural experience.

A photo is an instant. And that is so powerful.
Silence is powerful.
A photo is more powerful because of silence.
A photo is an abstraction, nothing exist still.
A photo is taken in a situation where audio is present: noise, voices, music. But that is not captured in the photo. The photo has no audio.
When you watch a photo you can sometimes imagine or abstract what the audio of that moment could have been.
A photo is silent, but can make a lot of noise.
When you watch a photo you are immersed in the audio landscape of your living moment that interact with the photo, but somehow you are captured by the photo and fell isolated from your current environment.
When you watch a photo you are always alone.
Even if you are with others, there is no time, there is no sound, you are out of sync to anybody else.
It’s you and that photo, you are private viewing experience.
A photo is more powerful because of silence.


Let's wrap ourselves around our cameras.
The quiet of photography and the silence of the finished photograph are eloquent in the way that surpasses all words. Time after time our cameras say “Shhhh!” and we do our best to obey'

Enjoy the sounds of silence in this wonderful gallery of 1x images.


 'A moment of silence' by Manuel Ponce Luque



'Blue Silence' by Jose Beut



by David Martin Castan



'Silence' by Greetje van Son



'Lost in a pristine scene …' by Yvette Depaepe
'Night Walker' by Peter Davidson



'A Ray of Light' by George Digalakis



'West Coast Silence' by Marianne Siff Kusk



'Enjoy the silence' by Michael Bilotta



 'Silence' by Esther Margraff



'Silence please!' by Ben Goossens



'Enjoy the silence' by minimalist



'Silence is golden' by Marc Apers



'silent moment' by Akitoshi Sasakura



'Silence' by Omar Mhanna



Untitled by Desislava Ignatova



'Silence' by Tibor Arva

Beautiful poetry and description of Silence in an image…. Amazing and stunning images accompanying
A beautiful collection, transporting positiv mood …
Thank you for your 'positive' appreciation, Uwe !
Great work Yvette
Many thanks, David !
Beautiful pictures dear ,Yvette.
Thank you, dear Saskia
So beautiful, to become silent........
Thanks, Piet !
So many beautiful photos about silence, they left me speechless...
Wonderful play with words, Gaby ! Thank you ...
Wonderful collection with great silence!
Thanks, Gaby ... glad you enjoy the sound of silence ;-)
Excellent works and great collection of images!
Many thanks, Raymond!
Wordless Silence ... A wonderful and enchanting visual sharp contrast with the rugged and inhuman devastation ... Top edition...
Thanks Gil ... 'enchanting visual sharp contrast with the rugged and inhyman devastation ...' daar zeg je zo iets !!!
It read with great pleasure, poetic text with super vision
Thank you dear Irena!
The magazine is still the best of 1X. This is not an easy subject and it is handled very well. Wonderful!
You make me blushing, Jorge !!! I cherish the magazine as if it was my baby. Together with my team, we only go for the best ;-) Thanks a lot, dear friend.
silence is the part of us that does not speak but observes. Silence is listening to what we no longer hear. A wonderful gallery to look at in religious silence. Congratulations to all photographers and to Yvette for publishing. Franco Iannello
Thanks, dear Franco ...
A poetic and philosophical article combined with thoughtful selections of "silence speak to us" photos! Thank you, Yvette!
Thank you very much for your compliments, dear Shenshen !
A beautiful article and a collection of photos, thank you very much Yvette!
My pleasure, Yanyan !
One of the most wonderful articles, Yvette. What an extraordinary selection of photos! Thank you for sharing.
Thank you for your huge compliment, Ludmila. Higly appreciated, dear friend.
Thank you Yvette, very interesting selection 👍
Thanks to you, dear Vasil !
Susi PRO
Felicidades Yvette, que magnífica selección de imágenes, transmiten tanta tranquilidad....
Gracias, dear Susi ! Glad you enjoyed, dear friend!
Congratulations to all. Wonderful images that make silence a relaxation away from war and confusion. Excellent choice of photographs Yvette
Thanks a lot, dear Francesca !
Lovely selection of images, thanks Yvette
Thank you, Wies, :-)
Images that relax the mind. Excellent selection. Thanks Yvette, great selection. Good weekend.
Thank you, dear Fabrizio ... Have a good weekend too, my friend!
Another wonderful set of images :)
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Mesmerizing images "Silence is louder than words" Excellent selection. Thanks Yvette, have a good weekend.
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Powerful images! Thank you very much Yvette
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Great collection of photos ..!
That's a fast reaction, Svetlin. Thank you very much !