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Featured Exhibition 'Circus' by Lorenzo Griffantini

Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe
the 17th of February 2022


Lorenzo Grifantini is an architect by profession and an excellent photographer from the UK. As architecture and photography are somehow interlinked, both related to the idea of space, tridimensionality and people interacting with the environment.  To him, learning photography was a natural and organic process and compared to architecture in which the whole project's genesis for conception to completion can take years, photography allowed him to vent his creativity and to make projects in a shorter amount of time.


Oxford Circus is probably the busiest crossroad globally, with a constant and relentless flow of tourists, revelers, shoppers moving up and down the streets around the Circus. These pictures are a colorful and cheerful antidote against the daily bad news flooding the UK. After the hard times' consequence of Brexit and the pandemic, I hope that London can remain that wonderful, open, inclusive city that it has always been.


This featured exhibition is exposed on the opening page or our site and will be there till the 28th of February 2022.
Also on Lorenzo's portfolio : Circus! by Lorenzo Grifantini (


Here are a few images you can admire in this exhibition, just to trigger your curiousity.


'The wall'



'The lick'



'The double'



Like it a lot, so cool.
Congratulations dear Lorenzo....What a mesmerising exhibition. Thanks to Yvette for her efforts to connect art enthusiasts in this portal...
Being an architect means living with geometric shapes, light and both internal and external environments. In this case, photography is an integral part because it can best express a concept that will have life on the computer. Creativity does the rest. A beautiful gallery and photos that reflect the profession but more than anything else, the passion. Thanks Yvette for the presentation and congratulations to Lorenzo for the unique and beautiful shots. Franco