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New Feature : The Photographer Certificates

Announcement  by the 1x management
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 9th of February


This week we are launching a new 1x feature : The Photographer Certificates.

A message including a 'Photographer Certificate', has  already been sent out to every photographer that has had at least one photo awarded.
It represents a personal 'diploma' style certificate, and  looks like this :



It can be used to show friends and followers your wonderfully great achievement and could also be attached to your CV for business promotion purposes.


Where can you find it ?
Go to your settings and click on 'Certificates'



The certificate is generated for printing in 300dpi resolution.
It also contains a QR code that can be used to validate its authenticity.

The date on your certificate is the date you had your first photo awarded.
Photos that were previously 'published' before the new version of 1x was released are equal to awarded and counts as that.

On the same page, you also will see your publish/award image certificates. 
Please note that not all photos historically has publish/award certificates.



Keep an eye on your e-mail and in the Certificates pages because in the near future
we will add more photographer certificates for different achievements on 1x.



I have sent two emails to the mailbox of 1X, but I haven't received any reply. I don't know why I don't have this certificate. I can be awarded according to the rules.
Thanks very much !
That's very nice. Thank you. :)
Top idea ! Thanks
Thank you, Véronique !
verdon PRO
thank you it looks official and very premium too, nice idea, cheers V!
Thank you for your appreciation, Verdon!
Thank you, nice surprise
Thanks for your positive response, Piergiuseppe ;-)
Thanks so much for the recognition! Wonderful surprise.
Thanks Ariel!
Thank you very much! It was such a nice surprise to receive it on my mail!
Glad you like it, Gaby ...
Thank you very much! It is not only an honor, but also encouragement and motivation to do better!
Thanks a lot, Yanyan!
thank you!
Thanks, Jun!
Great idea. Gives motivation to work harder.
That's true, Sayyed ;-)
cheers team !
;-) thanks
I'm very happy and honored to receive the certificate. Thank you very much!!!
Thanks for your appreciation, Roberto!
Nice surprise :-)) Many thank's
Glad you appreciate it, Anna !
I am happy about this surprise and thank you very much !
Thanks, dear Anette !
I am very honored and proud to receive the certificate! Thanks a lot!
Thanks for your appreciation, Aida !
Susi PRO
Estoy muy agradecida y feliz de recibir este grato reconocimiento del gran equipo de 1x y de la gran labor que realizan para motivarme día a día.
I thank you very much for this honour, it makes me proud to be a member of 1x.
Thanks, Ulrike.
Although I have no certificate, but really looking forward to able to get this honor! This honor is 1 x encouragement and recognition for the work of a photographer. Thank you 1 x so good team! 1 x is our warm home!
Thanks for your appreciation, Linili!
I understand that you're releasing this certificate to whoever got just 1 award or 100 with no distinction. Looks pretty unfair to my eyes, because a regular multi awarded contributor has a significant impact to this community that an occasional contributor has not. This certificate looks like a smart marketing action to making 1X word spreaded over all the web more than a deserved acknowledgement to the important artists. Just my 2 cents.
Dear Paolo, your comment is not fair to many les successful 1x photographers. But you have to be more patient before publish such criticism. Please read Yvette article to the end and then write a comment. I repeat it here: "Keep an eye on your e-mail and in the Certificates pages because in the near future we will add more photographer certificates for different achievements on 1x"
Dear Miro, not sure if that final part of the text was there already at the time I read. However, I keep my though safe and I welcome this fair improvement.
Dear Paolo, that final part of the text was there when I wrote and published this article. Sorry ... !!!
Thanks Yvette for using my photo for the banner, no certificate as I'm still a free member.
Sorry that I didn't mail you about the banner, Jim ! Your photo was just perfect to announce this feature ;-)
I am very honored and proud! Thank you! 🖤🤍
I am delighted to be a member of this group of distinguished 1x photographers. Thanks so much.❤️🙏
Thanks for your appreciation, Francesca !
sertifikamı aldığım için çok mutlu oldum. teşekkürler... :)
Thanks dear friend !
I think Yvette this is a very nice and successful initiative! Such a kind of satisfactions and encouragement are always very well appreciated. I am very proud and honored to belong to this beautiful family! Thans to all 1X staff and to the Head make our images "see the light" !
Glad you like it, Giuseppe ;-)
I am honored and proud to receive the "Awarded Photographer" certificate. Thank you for doing such work..🙏
Thanks in the name of hte 1x managmenet, dear friend !
That's a very very nice and appreciated new feature but also a truly smart one since i've instantly seen how much engagement it drives on social ! Powerful way to increase 1x awareness for sure. Very nicely done 1x team 👏
Thanks for your appreciation, Arnautd!
thanks a lot to 1x team
Thanks, Javier !
I don't know why, but I didn't receive my photographer certificate.
Check your mails, dear Yu. If you didn't get it, please write to [email protected]
i have the same issu. no email received
I am delighted to be a member of this group of distinguished 1x photographers. Thanks very much.
;-) Thanks for your appreciation, dear Miro !
Very nice initiative from the 1x team. Felt very honored to receive it from one of the most prestigious galleries in the world.
Thanks for your appreciation, Victor !
An honorable application.Thanks a lot!!!
;-) Hi Stefan !!! Glad to read you here. Thanks, my friend!
Many thanks to all the teams! Feel very honored. I'm happy to receive the certificate. Thank you :)
Thank you, Rahel Jo !
I feel very honored and happy to received the certificate. Many thanks all the staff teams ! Raymond Liu
Thanks for your appreciation, Raymond !
Thank you so much for the certificate, it is an honor for me to receive it from one of the most important galleries in the world where it is only possible to find quality works and where it is possible to be judged by highly competent and qualified people. Always keep it up. Leonardo Bandinelli.
Thanks for your enthusiastic comment, Leonardo !
An honorable and happy application, thank you very much.
Thank you, dear Emel ;-)
I was honored to receive the certificate. It made me very happy. I thank all the Staff, the curators, the senior curators and all the photographers. Thanks also to Yvette who always gives us magazines of great quality and interest. Thank you! Franco
Thank you Franco ... the magazine is the perfect place to inform our readers about the new features !!!