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New feature : YOUR FEED

Announcement from the 1x management
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 3rd of February 2022


With this short announcement, the managment of 1x wants to share the work behind the scenes so that you don't miss interesting new features.


Today's important upgrade : 'Your feed'

You probably noticed that when you are logged in to 1x, a default image feed appears on the front page since two days.


'Your feed' on the front page



What do you see in your FEED?

Every second image will be a 'latest' published image and every second image a 'latest' awarded image from someone you follow.

The idea is to give more attention and comments to published but not awarded images, to give them the same exposure and also to encourage everyone to follow their favorite photographers to never miss seeing any photos from them.


'Follow the line' by Christine von Diepenbroek 

'Your feed' is the red line to follow to see the published and awarded work of your favourite photographers on 1x.


One more very important thing to be mentioned : the web browser will remember which setting was latest chosen, so if you don't like 'Your feed',  it's easy to change to Latest awarded or Popular or Latest Published for example.  And you always can go back to your FEED whenever you want.


'Your feed' in the list of possible selections


Enjoy this new feature.

Follow your favourite 1x photographers.

Give more exposure and comments on Published images as well as on Awarded images.


Very nice idea.Thanks!
Parabéns pela inovação!
Congrats for the innovation. I love it.
Great feature, and thank you for the explanation!
No problems. From now one, each important new feature will be explained in the magazine, dear friend !
love it
Yes, I do too, my friend ;-)
anna lazareva
Thank you, Anna!
Great idea! Thanks!
Glad so many members really enjoy this excellent new feature, Nic !
Excellent - this is really a very good update
Thank you, Sunil !
;-) Yes, it is such a huge improvement, my friend!
Great idea!!
Thank you, dear friend !
Excellent Idea!
It is, Patrick ... Thanks !
Good idea! Happy about this :)
Yes, we all are, dear Margit !
Great feature.
Thanks, Bing Li !
Great 👍
Glad everybody is pleased. Thanks Vasil !
Great feature 👌👌
Thanks for telling us, Jayatu !
Yeah,Love it!
Great to hear, Ray !
Loving the idea, thanks 1x
We all do, Simon !!!
Thank you so much Yvette for information for new feature.. Nice Improvement!
No thanks, Antonyus. Such a great feature !
It's a nice feature.
Thank you, Subhash Sapru
I am satisfied with the new feature, well done 1X.COM ... TEAM ..!!
Thanks for your enthusiasm, Svetlin
Very good improvement
Indeed Geir! Apparently we all needed some feature like that!
Good improvement. So, every published photo (even not awarded ones) may thus have more visibility.
That's it, Michel !!! And that's why it is such a good improvement!
Very good improvement 👍
Perfect improvement
Thanks, dear Zühtü !
Thanks for your detail explanation dear Yvette.
Glad my explanations are clear, Emel !!!
A truly extremely useful feature, which in addition to helping to adequately enhance the published (and not awarded) photos, finally allows to follow your favorite photographers effectively and with great simplicity. My compliments to 1x team
So glad this new feature is appreciated by all, Sergio !
Hi. I can't find my curation history any more (not the statistics but the one where you could see the list of actual photos on which you voted)...
Nice and also an efficiency improvement.
Yes, it is, my friend!
Very glad you like it, dear Susi!
Susi PRO
Interesante nueva función!! Gracias por la explicación Yvette.
Thank you, dear Susi
Thanks for your detail explanation.
My pleasure to explain all about this new feature, John.
Thank you for this new feature! Very thoughtful and pleasant!
Yes, I'm happy with it too, Gaby ;-)
Very good and most welcome idea to expose also other good photographer
I fully agree with you, Miro ;-)
Great new feature, thanks 1x team!
Good to hear you appreciate the new feature, Gabrielle !
That's a very welcome feature, interestingly reshuffling the way we are discovering images, especially with this alternating published & awarded ones ! Thank you 1x team 👌
Glad you like this feature, Arnaud !