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Garlanded by Rani George

Interview / tutorial led by Editor Michel Romaggi  in collaboration with the author Rani George 
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 3rd of February 2022


Rani George’s portfolio is filled with wonderful, authentic and very lively portraits of touching characters. I wanted to know how she managed to give us these bright and pure moments of life.


Dear Rani, can you please present yourself and tell us what photography means to you and what inspires you the most?

I am really delighted that my work merits interest from others. Although, I think I am still on a learning curve and constantly honing my skills as a photographer and retoucher. I started my photographic journey almost 7 years ago with a short course. I was immediately hooked and watched almost every tutorial on the net to polish my skills. I'm basically self-taught and haven't made a mark as a commercial photographer.

Looking at the way I shoot now , I am far more experienced today. But I loved the process of taking them, trying to capture the light as I saw it and ending up with the image I had in mind. My camera gives me so much joy and I believe many photographers are constantly inspired and driven to capture better images. 1X is an excellent platform for us to learn, to develop and to improve our skills.




In what circumstances did you take the picture titled  'Garlanded'?  Who is that man?  What is the location?

'Garlanded ' was taken in Chennai flower market. I love shooting in markets. This man was dwarfed by these enormous garlands, partly hidden, it was so amazing. It was a candid shot. I didn't speak to him. I was just moving through the market taking pictures wherever there was a good scene or light. Actually it was not one of the first pictures I edited.. I was not sure about the quality. I used a Canon 5D Mark III and an excellent 24 - 105 lens (so versatile).
My settings :  F4.5, 1/50, ISO 400, 32mm. I shoot in manual mode


You have a lot of wonderful portraits in your portfolio. What do they mean to you? How do you choose your subjects?

Occasionally, I do some commercial portraiture,  but the opportunities have been scarce. I really like the creative freedom as a street photographer/portraitist, capturing people in their natural element. I like to hear their stories and to be part of their lives for that short moment. Many of my subjects, sadly have never been in front of a camera or have never been portrayed. That makes it so special for me, being able to make them feel beautiful and important.

I also am very fond of environmental portraits, as I like to tell a story about the person about what he does, just for a moment in time.


'Coconut Lagoon'



'The Carrom Players'


I am very inspired by the movies I see,  looking for composition and poses and scenes, colour palettes etc. Many of my photographs are cinematic or painterly, I don't know whether its a fault.  I choose my subjects mainly compositionally, because I shoot at once when I see an opportunity. Either the light, position, colour of the person's clothing etc. is what attracts me to the scene. A person who has camera friendly look (I don't mean beautiful) is another attraction. I generally strike up a conversation and get them to relax and hear a little about them. I love that interaction. Each portrait is a special memory and a story.


'Cinnamon Tea'



'Lazy Sundays'


Which camera and post-processing programs do you use?

I generally use a Canon 5D Mark III. My lenses are the 16-35mm and Sigma 50mm 1.4. I also use the 85mm1.8 and occasionally the 70-200 2.8. I shoot in manual mode and in AV mode depending on the light. I use Photoshop CC. I think that retouching images takes them to the next level and I love playing with colours.


Thank you very much for sharing this precious information about a part of your interesting work, Rani.


Thanks once more for your interest !
Good light !
Rani George


I always read the photographer's interview / description with great interest before looking at his creatures. The description makes it easier to understand what in that moment, in that shot he wants to represent. Rani has a magnificent gallery and the retouching (which has always existed) is the final part of a work done with the heart. I find Rani's school interesting, which is the street, the everyday life, the subjects we see every day but with a different light. This sentence struck me a lot: "I try to dialogue with the subjects". I think this is an excellent approach to understand even better the reality that is about to immortalize. Congratulations Rani for the wonderful gallery. Thanks to Yvette for her choice, care and professionalism. Congratulations. Franco
Thank you, dear Franco !!! Most of the work in the tutorial interviews is done by Michel Romaggi. We're an excellent team ;-)
Thank you, Franco! I am really happy that you are interested in reading those interviews
Thank you, Wanghan Li !