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Gabrielle Halperin : Photographer of the week

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 31st of January 2022

To Gabrielle Halperin, photography is essential to express and share her feelings and emotions. Her work is diversified and lately she tend to create great composites.  She is more an emotional person rather than a technical artist but appreciate techniques as well.  She continuously strives to improve her skills.

Gaby has a warm and sensitive character.  I'm proud to present her to the readers through this interview and want to thank her personally for sharing her heartwarming vulnerability and honest answers.


'Summer Drive'


I was born in Brussels, Belgium, where I spent my 20 first years. At the age of 20, I emigrated to Tel-Aviv, Israel, where I got married and founded a family. I used to help in the family business -  import of office equipment. Now I am retired, I enjoy my family, especially my 8 grandchildren, and my hobby – photography - which is more of a passion now.

My history and life experiences were not always easy; I grew up with parents who were holocaust survivors and lost all their family members during WWII. It certainly has some impact on some of my photographs. Five years ago, I lost my eldest son from cancer, and this has certainly influenced my work, as it has influenced my whole vision of life. But life goes on and I never lost my sense of humour and my love for people and for nature.


'The Flood'


I always liked to take photos, since I got my first camera as a teenager. By then I used to document my school friends and my family mostly. Then I documented my children for the photo albums. Only about 15 years ago, when I got my first digital camera, I did start looking around me and taking pictures of other subjects, nature mostly. I had my 'flower' period, my 'beach' period, my 'macro' period, and many others…

'Happy Bath'


I attended a few short photo classes where I learned about the basics of photography.  I bought a reflex camera and got more and more interested. Until now,  I am reading and watching as much as I can on the internet, trying to learn from the great professionals, to learn new techniques and to improve my skills.

I think that nature is the greatest artist in the world.  In my nature photos; I am trying to sanctify its beauty and show my love for it.


'Twilight rain'


'A walk in the forest' 



'Here comes the sun'



'The cranes'


Portraits are also one of my favourite subjects, especially children and very old people. I love photographing children because of their innocence and their purity. The bond between mother and child never ceases to move me. On the other hand, old people are wearing their whole life into their wrinkled faces, like some open history book that fascinates me. Even poverty and misery are subjects that attract me.

'There is always some light in the darkness of life'





My overall photographic vision : first and most important is my intention to share my own feelings with the viewer. For me, photography is very essential to communicate with people. I am more an emotional than a technical person (although I am not disregarding good techniques).

In the beginning, I edited and processed my photos just to improve them.  But after a while, I felt that I wanted to do something more, I wanted to tell stories, to send some messages or thoughts or states of mind…

I took an excellent class with Noam Mymon about photo manipulation in order to learn the creative editing techniques.
Now, I do both: documenting and creating, and I do enjoy a lot both.


'Flying over Chicago



'Towards a better future'



'Loulou in the sky'


When I am shooting people, I am completely interacting with them if it is a planned session. Then I also plan the location. But I also like to take candid street shots.




'Street life'


Until last year I used my Canon 7D camera only. Now I got a Sony A7 III mirror less camera which I like very much. I still use the Canon sometime if I need some special lens that I don’t have for my Sony. My favourite lenses are the 24-105 mm f/4 Sony, and the 85mm f/1.2 Canon.

To process my images, I use Bridge, ACR, and mainly Photoshop.

About my workflow for the creative photography, I first think about an idea, it can be a story or a message I wish to transmit. Then I draw a sketch on paper, and then I am looking among my photos for assets that could fit and put them into a new folder. I use my own photos for the composites. Then I start working with Photoshop, first the background, the sky, main subject, etc…. and try to compose something step by step until I am happy with it. The idea, photography and post processing are all connected.

My advice to a beginner would be : let your imagination fly freely, don’t be afraid to try new styles, new techniques, watch tutorials from professionals and learn from them, but always be yourself.

My favourite photographer and visual artist is Eric Johanson ( I love and admire his work. I also like very much Katerina Plotnikova and Ronen Goldman. My favourite photographers on 1X are Ben Goossens, Yvette Depaepe, Peter Cakovsky, Martin Marcisovsky, and many others…

For the moment, I do find a lot of interest and pleasure in my photography. What direction will I take in the future? I don’t know yet. I am constantly trying to improve and to learn. I do find a lot of inspiration on 1X.


'Dancing in the sunset'


It is quite difficult for me to pick up one favourite photo of mine because I do like them all (well, at least most of them…), but if I must chose one, I would chose the photograph called “ I miss you”. In this photo, I show a mother trying to reach out to her dead child. The ladder doesn’t reach the ground; she tells him how much she misses him. This of course is related to my own personal loss.


'I miss you'

I wish to thank 1X for giving me this opportunity to show my work and for being a great source of inspiration to me.  And thank you so much dear Yvette for choosing me and my photos!

Gabrielle Halperin.

Excellent work.
Great compliment!
A great job by the photographic artist, and of course, a wonderful selection and presentation job by Ivette, thank you.
Great to see that you get the exposure that you so deserve. Congratulations and Kol Hakavod!
I admire your work, and more importantly I am touched by the stories behind the photos.
Dear Gabrielle with interest I was reading your moving story and valuable information, I admire your lovely photos. Excellent photo or better say photo artwork. I wish you successful continuation of your splendid photo work. Many thanks Yvette for publishing it.
nice work Gabrielle !
Tanti tanti complimenti!
Fantastic work, superb interview, thank Gabrielle and thank so much Yvette !!!
Always with pleasure, Thierry !
Mei Xu PRO
Great imagination and works!
Such a beautiful, inspiring read. Impeccable work! Congratulations!
Great article and so beautiful work!!
Dear Gabrielle, it has been a fascinating experience for me to watch your wonderful photos while reading your life story. You have transferred your positive energy to us. Heartfelt congratulations. And thank you so much Yvette for introducing us to Gabrielle.
You know how much I like to present our excellent photographers to the public, dear Emel. Gaby is a beautiful and warm person. Proud to have her in the magazine.
I always read with great interest the beautiful magazines that 1X (Yvette) present. I start from the story without dwelling on the photos. Then I move on to viewing the photos. Very touching is Gabrielle's story, her childhood, her parents, the death of her son. I think her passion for photography has helped her to overcome many difficult moments that her life presents to us. Creativity is something that boils inside the gentle soul and only a deep concentration can come out what the soul, heart and mind desire. You don't always succeed in the intention but even a single creative photo is like seeing your own child being born. Sincere congratulations to Gabrielle for her artistry. Thanks to Yvette for giving me the chance to find out how many excellent photographers has. A warm greeting. Franco
Dear Franco, you're so right, there are many excellent photographers on 1x. It is a treat for me to present them to the readers. Many new friendships were born this way and Gaby is now a very precious one. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being such a faitful reader (and friend).
very impressive
thank you very much!
very impressive
great job gabi! Excellent works, full of joy of life and optimism with a touch of humor.
Thankk you Noam, I owe you a lot my dear teacher!
I was very touched by this article! Leaves me thoughtful and at the same time hopeful! I enjoyed reading from you, Gabrielle, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and your pictures with us! And of course a big thank you to you, dear Yvette!
thank you so much dear Susanne!
Dear Susanne, thanks a lot. Touching interview indeed and fine work.
Lovely meaningful artistic work and a nice interview, thank you for sharing!
thank you so much dear Gerda!
Thank you so much for your kind collaboration, dear Gaby. Congratulations with the feature ... and enjoy, my friend. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you so much dear Yvette for choosing me and my work! you made my week colorful and happy!
Wonderful gallery dear Gabrielle, love your surreal works and your highly effective processing, my compliments also to Yvette for the interview. עבודות נהדרות ושמחתי להכיר. שבוע טוב
Thank you dear Arnon. Gabrielle is such a nice person and fine artist.
thank you very much dear Arnon, I am very honored and happy that you like my work!/ תודה רבה ארנון היקר! גם אני שמחתי להכיר!