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Noam Mymon : Photographer of the week

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 24th of January 2022


Naom Mymon calls himself a photo-manipulator.  He is a professional photographer artist living in Israel.  He started with film shooting realistic and documenting images.  But when the digital era emerged, it turned slowly to the world of manipulation and editing.  Now he masters both and believes that a good photo has to reflect the inner reality more that the objective reality and claims that every tool to do so is OK.   Let's discover today he fantastic and magic world through this interview.

'Faro De Luarca'


Dear Naom, please can you briefly tell us about yourself, your hobbies and other jobs.

I'm from Israel. Although I studied economics, and worked for many years as an insurance company analyst, I decided a few years ago to drastically change my occupations and today I am a freelance photographer, an editing teacher as well as a digital artist 

Since art is no longer my hobby but my profession, I'd say that my main hobbies are sports and hiking - as much as COVID19 allows us to travel around and discover our wonderful world.


'Lipstic Crimes'



'Do Re ME'


Why are you so drawn by creatively edited photography?

I actually took my first steps into artistic expression in painting. I practised painting intensely in my youth, but as it is a time-consuming process, I turned to photography where results can be obtained more quickly.

In photography, I found satisfaction mostly when I developed the film myself. The development process has always made me feel more in control of the end result. That way, the art I create is truly mine, and belongs less to my camera.

In the transition to digital photography, I naturally moved into the development and Photoshop discovering slowly the endless possibilities that allow me to partially return to my old love – painting.


'Playground 2'



'TV Head'


Describe your overall photographic vision.

Photography as an art is not new. Digital photography, on the other hand, very much is. It is something we do not yet fully understand. Its widespread accessibility blurs the boundaries between random photography and art, and I think those boundaries need more concrete defining. I am in favour of artistic freedom, yet it seems to cause us to define any photograph as art if the photographer thought well of what he created, and if he was intentional in his composition. It takes more than intention to create something with artistic merit.





'The Discovery'


How would you describe the style of your artworks?

As a visual artist I would prefer that my works be able to speak for themselves. Still, it is important for me to note that my art always comes from a love for the things I display. If I take a landscape picture, I do so because I liked what I saw. This is especially true in my photography of people. I love human beings, and want their photographic experience to be positive and enjoyable, just like mine. Therefore, my pictures usually are optimistic and even humorous, with a great deal of colour that captures the joy of life. I try to present situations from life in a way that will make the viewer smile.


'No Wolf Today !'



'La Cuisine'


What is more important to you, the mood,/story behind your images or the technical perfection?

In truth; neither. To me, a good creative work is mostly measured by its abstract values. No story will work if it is not well constructed visually. And of course it is important to give the viewer a sense that everything in the work of art was reached deliberately through control and thought. Art is a serious matter; one should not accidentally put things together and call it art.


'Vegtable Jurney'

When you create a new work, do you plan the idea beforehand, or is the idea created during the creation process?

In landscape photos, I usually do not plan anything. There I am more of a photographer, and experience photography as any landscape photographer experiences it - I let nature direct me, for better or worse, in cold, heat, rain, or snow. Photoshop only comes later, but most of the process is in the moment. In the rest of the work - I prefer to plan and create sketches before I approach the final product. It is the most difficult process, but once you go through it, the rest is relatively easy.


'The Dealer'





What gear do you use (camera, lenses, bag)?

I've always be a Canon fan. Not because of a particular preference but simply because I’ve grown used to its work interface. Today I use the Canon 6D Mark II, and especially its 16-35mm lens. I like to shoot close. Even very close.


What is your most important advice to a beginner in creatively edited photography and how do you get started?

My most important advice, which I also give my students, is not to be afraid to try. Digital artists will often receive teasing comments from their fellow photographers - "this is not reality" and other nonsense of this kind. Instead of hiding and apologizing - be proud of what you do, and remind them that, unlike them, you are creating and not just catching or capturing. Beyond that, be aware of other artists. Inspiration is the best source of creativity; it encourages us to take action because of the very positive emotion that every artist needs: envy.
The good kind of course !!!





'Optimism II'


Who are your favourite photographers and more importantly, how has your appreciation of their work affected how you approach your own photography?

My sources of inspiration do not come directly from the world of photography or digital art, but rather from painting. However, I often get ideas from movies and even from video clips. The combination of music and visuals always makes sense to me.

Here are examples of 2 recent clips.
The first is by a wonderful Russian band called Little Big. The visual ideas in all their clips are just wonderful in every sense.
And the second clip is by the Israeli singer Netta, who is beautiful both inside and outside.


'The Maestro'



'Good Old Days'


Many thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and to reveal more about you as an artist, dear Naom !


Very interesting works, full of creativity. I enjoyed the interview. Congratulations.
Great !!!!¡!
great job Noam , congratulations
Maravilloso arte, felicidades por tu gran trabajo
Amazing beautiful works, masterfully created. Thank you dear Noam, and thank you dear Yvette for another one of your excellent articles. Best regards to all, Francesco
Thank you, Francesco ;-)
No es el tipo de fotografías que suelo hacer, pero se valorar bastante algo me trasmite un buen trabajo como en este caso. Me gusta mucho tu tratamiento de la luz y la combinación de los colores. Enhorabuena
8נועם כבוד גדול תמונות אומנותיות מקצועיות ומיוחדות ❤
כל הכבוד, תמונות מדהימות , יצירתיות מופלאה
I looked at the gallery proposed in this Magazine. An underwater with a fabulous and perfect technique, in every shot there is an example of everyday life and its meaning. I was struck by the photo of the child where there is a television instead of the brain, meaning that children today are manipulated by social media, media and games. The whole gallery is wonderful. Congrats to Naom and congrats to Yvette for an excellent preface.
Thank you, dear Franco !
Amazing artistic and creative works of Noam (I am bias as he is my Photoshop mentor and teacher) His Photo manipulation book is a must for pepole using PH. So pleased to read the enterview and as alaways best compliments to Yvette.
Thanks, dear Arnon !
All the works are amazing.. Congratulations Noam.
Congratulations!!! Great work, Noam!!!
travail incroyable, magnifique !!!
I love your surreal art and enjoyed reading about your working process! Congratulations on the interview and thanks to Yvette for introducing another conceptual artist.
Thanks a lot, dear Melanie !
Fantastic work, many tanks to share with us!
Lovely vision, Naom. It takes plenty of courage and self conviction to produce the interesting stories you create. Many congratulations to you.
Noam you are a great digital artist and a wonderful person. The time came that the world will know you and your work
Great work from a great artist!!! Congrats Noam!! Well deserved
Thank you so much for your fine collaboration, Naom. It was a pleasure to interview you, my friend.
Amazing work from a wonderful artist! Thanks for sharing!