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Natalia Simongulashvili : Photographer of the week


by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 28th of February 2022

Natalia Simongulashvili - nickname NATALIORION, is a great fine art photographer.  Her works are visualising her own fantasies and perspective on the world. To her, the learning process is never-ending and her Credo is Originality. Let's have a glimpse on Natalia's fantastic and magical universe and listen to what she likes to reveal to us.




My name is Natalia Simongulashvili, I’m living in a most beautiful city Tbilisi, in Georgia.

I always have been interested in art, in general.  However, a tragic accident in my life forced and led me to take a hobby into more serious graphical design approach and  to start working software like Adobe Photoshop. That’s how I became a digital artist-photographer and my most favourite sphere of interest is  photo manipulations.


'State of mind'








Artworks created by me are a visual demonstration of my fantasies and my perspective of the world we live in. 
There is always a hidden meaning/message behind each artwork and I hope people understand it, even though modern art can be very subjective. By using different photos or parts of them, along with my deep imagination, I can create a piece of fantasy world.


'Theater of the absurd'







I’m more interested in processed photos which are far from reality and for this I’m using different graphic design soft-wares in order to fulfil my goals.


'All of us Alice'



'We all Don Quixotes …...'



'Without choice'


My answer to the question about the main factors in creating my artworks – mood, history of my artworks or technical skills, I would say all of them are playing an important role in the whole process.










At the present moment, I believe 1x is the best online gallery, a great place to exhibit/post your artworks, and to get constructive feedback.
You realise what really is attracting people,  where you need to improve yourself and at the same time, giving you the possibility to share your own feedback about other artists and their works.

My inspiration is very personal and it usually comes during my hard work. I tend not to copy anyone else.
Of course, I can find some very interesting artworks/photos inspiring me. However, I don’t have any favourite photographer/Digital Artist.


'Rain in Paris'






'Despite the bad weather'


We are all different, everyone has his or her own views and perspectives of this world and everybody tries to show it in their own unique way, some does it brilliantly!  But in my strong opinion, we should never criticize someone if their “world” isn’t same as ours.

To make a really interesting and unique artwork, one has to have some skills which are required in this field.
For me personally, learning is continuous process and I always try to improve myself.

And last but not least, my credo is originality!








'The soul is a dandelion'



A lot of great work :)
Wonderful world of creativity, so inspiring. Congratulations..
Inspiring interview and fabulous photographs, congratulations to Natalia and many thanks to Yvette
Thank you, dear Miro !
It was a joy to read through the article...the images are so inspirational...congrats ....Thanks to Yvette for introducing us to these creative artists...
Thanks a lot, Cicek ...It always is a pleasure to present creative artists to the readers ;-)
An impressive compilation of work, challenging the viewer, creative, evocative and inspiring.
A wonderful world of creativity and fantasy, congratulaciones. Thanks Ivette for te article.
Mypleasure, Joana !
Thank you very much Yvette for introducing us this amazing artist. Best regard both of you
Thanks for your appreciation, Frederico !
It was a real pleasure to interview and know more about you, Natalia. Cheers, Yvette
Her work is fabulous. Thank you for this article, Yvette.
My pleasure, Nicolae !