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'Background Stories' by Melanie Haberkorn

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 13th of January 2022


'Exhibitions' is a powerful tool to create online exhibitions with your photos. You can add quotes, change the order of your photos and align them in different ways and change the size. Just like a gallery curator arranging prints on the walls of an exhibition you can do the same. The landing page on your profile is an exhibition which you can customize, you can also add more exhibitions and decide which one should be your landing page.


The results are a real bonus.
Every two weeks a succesful exhibition will be published in the magazine.


You can present some of your favourite exhibitions by adding text – stories or quotes – to make them even more attractive and to be selected.  Maybe the next one will be yours.


In the spotlights today, the exhibition 'Background Stories' by Melanie Haberkorn (melhab). Here is the link:   [1] Background Stories by Melanie Haberkorn (


To trigger your curiosity, here are a few images.


 'Background Story 04'



'Background Story 08'



Wonderful portfolio! Congratulations!
Thank you dear Weiwei, I’m very pleased ☺️!
Congratulations, Melanie—These thought-provoking images have a dark side to them. . .showing a veneer of confidence while catastrophe rages in the background.
Thank you so much, dear Sydney, for your appreciative words - your comments make me very happy!
beautiful creations, one of a kind that never tire of looking at them. Congrats Melanie.
Thank you so much for this lovely feedback, dear Franco - it makes my day!
Incredible surreal touch to each of these images making them unique, Melanie. Congratulations, dear friend.
Thank you so much for this great honour dear Yevette! Warm greetings from Cologne