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Results Contest : Traffic

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 22
nd of December 2021


Traffic photography needs to capture more emotion and meaning than aesthetics. What is it like to be stuck in it, what it is like to be a slave to it, and ultimately, what does it say about life in the city and the human condition in the modern world.  The answers to these questions can be seen in the submission to this contest.


The winners with the most votes in this contest are:

1st place: Klaus Tesching
2nd place: Alessandro Traverso  
3rd place: Miguel Angel Fernández 

Congratulations to the winners and honourable mentions and thanks to all the participants in the contest 'Traffic'.


'Food Photography'  is the currently running theme.

Snapping a photograph of your food is a trending style but quite hard to do well. Food photography is challenging because everything in a photograph is decided by you, where should it be placed, is it looking perfect, is it kept in a proper manner.

This contest will end at midnight on Sunday the 2
nd of January 2022.
The sooner you upload your submission the more chance you have to gather the most votes.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, click here.  

Good luck to all the participants.


1st place: by Klaus Tesching 



2nd place : by Alessandro Traverso



3rd place: by Miguel Angel Fernández




by Pierre Bacus



by Rana Jabeen



by Raymond Ren Rong Liu



by Mario Mohr



by Udo Dittmann



by Samanta Krivec 



by Michael Jurek  

Thanks a lot to everyone!
Magnificent skyscrapers and lighted roads in the valuable nights,Very prominent and effective,Thanks to all and many congratulations.
Excellent photos, my sincere congratulations to all winners, honorable mentions and also to other participants, I am sure they also contributed with acceptable images. Only one remark, if acceptable, the selection is for sure the selection of the best, but I am still missing here some more photographs captured during day time, I know the night traffic with all colorful lights is very fotogen, but day light traffic images may be also wonderful. See the winner's photo.
bellissime tutte, complimenti
Extraordinarias fotos... Muchas felicidades a los ganadores.
Thank you Yvette and congratulations to all participants
Congrats to all. Excellent photos in this contest.
Thank you and congratulations to all
Congratulations to the winners and honourable mentions. And many thanks to all the participants. Cheers, Yvette
It was my 1st contest and i've entered it too late. Still made my way from 115 to 48 ;)
Good for you, Arnaud. Congratulations and please, submit as soon as you can for the next contests ;-)
Ii will but first,, n order not to be ridiculous i’m gonna skip the foodie next one Yvette 😄
thank you Yvette and congratulations to all participants
A very nice shot of yours, Udo! I didn't find it back in your portfolio.
Otherwise I could have used it as a banner on the frontpage.