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The soul is like a dandelion ..

Tutorial/interview by editor Michel Romaggi  in collaboration with the author Natalia Simongulashvili (Nataliorion)
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe (photoma), the 12th of January 2022


In Natalia’s portfolio, we can see numerous fantastic portraits looking like fairy tale characters thanks to a very creative editing.
Among those, one of my favourites is 'The soul is like a dandelion' and I asked Natalia to tell us how she realised this wonderful creation. 


'The soul is like a dandelion ..'


Thank you very much for answering my questions, Natalia. I had a lot of trouble choosing one photo among all the marvels you offer us. Your portraits are full of creativity.  How did you get the idea for this specific one and more widely for all your stunning portraits? What is your source of inspiration?

I have always loved the Art and had passion for any expression of it.

I love music very much, especially Jazz,  Blues and Classical  music. I’m mentioning music on purpose,  since all my artworks are connected with music somehow, either related to some  specific music or just by listening to music while I’m creating them.

I’m Digital Artist and creating this kind of Artworks is my call.


How do you imagine the context in which you place your characters and how do you implement your ideas?  What do you expect while editing creatively your portraits?

I love taking pictures and I love painting. I use my own and stock images in my photo manipulations. I do not have a studio for photo models and I use a site that provides licensed photographs and they can be used for my own purposes without any problems!

The only condition is to completely change the original image, which is not an issue since  my imagination guides me to make it my own.



Digital artists, but also photographers, often use additional details to create creative images, not only their own but also stock ones. Otherwise it is not possible to create what is intended.  The whole process of creating interesting Digital Art, starting sometimes from dull pictures,  isn't easy but really fun.  With regards to my latest artwork “Soul like Dandelion” , it’s a typical embodiment of my soul and current emotional state. 

I’m usually working with different graphic design software's but most of the time I’m using Adobe Photoshop.  By creating my own artworks, I want to say, express and show, how it all looks from my perspective.







I never copy anyone and don't follow any trends. All my inspirations and ideas are part of my fantasy world, full of imagination, which I carry with me.

That's probably the reason why my favourite quote is  “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” by A. Einstein


Can you tell us a little more about yourself and how photography fits into your life?

I didn't start from a good life doing what I achieved nowadays.  It is rather a sad story!  My eldest son died ... my grief shook my health ... I got a leg injury.
I had an operation and the verdict was deplorable - I might not get up!  I laid on my back for a long time, but knowing my passion for drawing, my three children (two sons and a daughter) installed Photoshop for me.  And that is how it all began...


Why are you creating this type of pictures?

Nowadays everyone starts taking photos of everything!  And honestly, many photos have already become similar by their plot. To me, this kind of photos are not interesting any more, as they lack of individualism. Now I try to process my photos my way so that they stand out from this general monotonous mass. Maybe for now, it’s not yet perceived in our digital society, but I will keep trying to pursue my vision.




I would like to thank you for showing interest in my artworks.
Sincerely, Natalia


Working with soul is something I consider fundamental in photography. This work reveals this in an excellent way, within this area of the edition, which I do not master but greatly admire. Congratulations Natalia.
a creativity that comes from the deep soul. Sincere congrats Natalia.
I admire your creativity dear Natalia, believe me that the rhythms of the music are reflected in your works, congratulations
Beautiful art works, and story behind it ,Natalia .
Thank you both, Natalia and Michel, for this fine tutorial.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful art works, and story behind it ,Natalia .