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Big Love ...

Interview / tutorial by editor Michel Romaggi in collaboration with the author Miki Meir Levi
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 26th of January 2022

I was very intrigued when I discovered the photo "big love" of Miki. What is this great love, who is this man holding an umbrella? I asked Miki to explain us the genesis and the meaning of this photograph.


'Big Love'

Where and when did you take this photo and how did you come up with the idea?

I was travelling with a friend in the Dead Sea area, or its original name, the Sea of Death. When my friend approached the water I saw his reflection and I immediately considered it as the subject of a story.  The background with the fluffy clouds was special and I reinforced that special effect in Photoshop.

The Dead Sea suffers from a lot of environmental pollution and in recent years it has been shrinking. The region and its surroundings are undergoing a great deal of climate and environmental change. The umbrella that my friend holds in his hand, symbolizes a kind of protection against the environmental pollution the Dead Sea has to deal with.

Here are two more images about ng the sad pollution situation.


'Who will save ..........' 



'The reeds are rotting'


Why the title 'Big Love'?

I chose this title because I love the Dead Sea and its environment full of history. I have been photographing the place for almost 30 years. Especially in winter because than the  colours are special and totally different from the summer period.


Most of your photos are in black and white. Some of your latest photos are in colour. How and why do you decide to go for BW or for colours?

I like to photograph in black and white but also in colour. In this photo, I preferred the black and white that emphasizes the sky and the effect it creates, for me, in photography.


'A dream in the Dead Sea'


Can you tell us a little about yourself, the place of photography in your life?

I like painting, sculpting, photographing, I am also an environmental activist.

I really care about national treasures and in general nature in Israel.  I take pictures all over Israel, especially in the Dead Sea region East of Jordan. That journey only takes two hours from my home. The desert of Judea is on the other side. I also like to photograph it because of the unique geology of this region.

This is all very close to my heart, but recently I was sick and I neglected everything a bit.


'Dual exposure'


Thank you for opening the door of your photographic universe to us, Miki !


I read this interview with Miki with great interest. What struck me is the love he has for his land and the feelings that the Dead Sea gives him. The umbrella as a shelter is a kind of hope as the umbrella can be closed again and this can happen if we all want it even if the Planet has its own regenerative cycle that we are not given to know. Beautiful images in b & w which I personally believe is a technique that I also share in my poor shots, because it amplifies the senses and I try to discover the "color" and the meaning of the shot. Kudos to Michel for interview and review. Congratulations to Miki for these unique and deeply meaningful shots. Thank you!