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Exhibition 'Amazing Dogs' by Susanne Jung

Published by Yvette Depaepe 
The 11th of November 2021


'Exhibitions' is a powerful tool to create online exhibitions with your photos. You can add quotes, change the order of your photos and align them in different ways and change the size. Just like a gallery curator arranging prints on the walls of an exhibition you can do the same. The landing page on your profile is an exhibition which you can customize, you can also add more exhibitions and decide which one should be your landing page.
The results can be a real bonus for the presentation of your portfolio.
That's why I decided to publish every two weeks a succesful exhibition.


Today, I want to present to you an exhibition by Susanne Jung  titled  'Amazing dogs
Here is the link: [13] Amazing dogs by Susanne Jung (


And to trigger your curiosity here are a few images



'Die Bande'







Very good idea, nice dog photos. Many thanks Yvette ☺️
Thank you, dear Miro
Wonderful images of dogs with their distinct personalities and mannerism. Susanne presenting her dogs in excellent compositions. My compliments dear Susanne for sharing with us images of our best friends and thanks so much to Yvette for giving us the chance to enjoy these excellent, exciting works. My compliments 🐶🐶🐶
My pleasure, Arnon ... More exhibitions will be published in the magazine ;-)
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these beautiful words, dear Arnon! It makes me very happy!
Those are wonderful, Yvette! Thank you for sharing these. Justto let you know Im always looking at your posts but just in the background..
Thank you, Lindsay !!! Exhibitions is a great tool to present your work. I made already 5 of them. The magazine tries to stimulate people to create exhibitions.
Thank you, Yvette for this impulse with Susanne's works, which are always inspiring! Warm greetings to both of you, Melanie
Thanks, dear Melanie !!! You too have terrific exhibitions ;-) ...
Thank you very, very much, dear Melanie, for your kind words!....and I am always thrilled by your new creations!
Thanks to both of you🥰!!!
Fine exhibition, dear Susanne !!! Congratulations on the publication. Cheers, Yvette
Ooooh, thank you so much for posting this, dear Yvette! I'm so happy about that!!!