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Dance & photography: A perfect symbiosis of both Arts

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 22nd of October 2021

Dance is an Art form and often conceptual.

Dance and photography is the perfect symbiosis of both art forms.
Elegant, energetic and dramatic dance photography is both a visual treat and a study of movement aiming to convey the spirit and skills of the dancers, showcasing their graceful gestures.

Freezing the movement or deliberately capturing motion blur, finding the right angle, photographing emotions, these are all things that you can practice even if the subject is not professionally trained.

Movement is one of the key aspects of dancing.  It's important to have the shots where you're freezing that movement, but also to sometimes include motion.
When you leave your shutter open for a longer time, the sensor will capture the trail of the dancer's movement creating a surreal and beautiful image.
It is amazing how sublime effects can be created by a slower shutter speed.


'…would I know what it feels to touch the sky...' by Charlaine Gerber

Dance is a non-verbal body movement, a game of shape and motion.
Dance is created by the humans to satisfy the urge of the soul to express different emotions and usually performed accompanied by music. 


'Dancing Light' by Osher Partovi


But what is it that makes us admire dancing?
Maybe the fact that dancers express remarkable physical performances that often seem unreasonable to us, sometimes even above the limit of human abilities.
Or is it the connection and harmony between music and movement evoking emotions and pleasure?
Or the visual aesthetics, the softness and intensity of the movements which sometimes seem effortless?
Perhaps the connection to all those variables together.

Dancing is about movement in space, the limits of the body and the emotion of performing.
Photography can help to convey that power and showcase the skills, efforts and accomplishments of the performer.

The following gallery is composed of most inspiring dance pictures by talented 1x photographers demonstrating why this performing art is so appealing.
Enjoy ...


'Liquidize' by Pauline Pentony BA Hons ARPS



'Wushu elegance' by Sita Gramich



'Dance is the language of the soul' by Yvette Depaepe



'Dancing with the balloon' by Sulaiman Almawash



'Modern dance' by Sita Gramich



'The hoop' by Rob Li



'Soar' by Catherine W.



' Traviata in Pastels...' by Charlaine Gerber


'Splitz' by Howard Ashton-Jones



'White Swan is Landing' by Angela Muliani Hartojo



'Break free' by Ben Goossens



'Jump Up and lit UP your life' by Willy Wang



'Golden dancer?' by Frederico Righi



'Evelina' by Eduard Kapsha



'Desert bird' by Osher Partovi



'Dance with Saber Light' by Antonyus Bunjamin



'Dancer' by Julio Rodriguez



'Persian Dancer' by Moein Hasheminasab



'Ballerina with red canvas' by Joan Gil Raga



'Ballerina' by Magdalena fifi



'Obstacles' by Sebastian Kisworo



'Street Dance' by Ohad Falik



'I dreamed a dream in time gone by...' by Charlaine Gerber



'Love is Harmony' by hardibudi



'Masha and Patryk …' by Piotr Leczkowski



'Dancers' by Rafal Kaniszewski



'pas de deux” by Libby Zhang



'Dancer I' by DDiArte



'Warsaw ballet' by Piotr Leczkowski


Amazing đź‘Ź
Thanks a lot here too, Vasil !!!
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Originalidad, estética, calidad técnica en estas imágenes. Un trabajo excelente
Gracias, Jesus !!!
Great images,Yvette !!
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Great collection Yvette !!
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Super beautiful and aesthetic pictures. Dance and movement can hardly be represented better. I am very enthusiastic and impressed.
Wow, thanks for your compliment, Sephan! Of course, all honour goes to the artists. I just selected them ;-)
Oh wow, amazing article, and thank you soo much for using some of my images! Congratulations!
A real pleasure to me, Charlaine!
Thanks a lot Yvette, I feel honored to see a photo taken by me in your selection.
And a beautiful one, Joan! Thank you !!!
Fabulous images, thanks dear Yvette.
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Great selection to express the beauty of motion and emotion! Congrats!
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Fabulous images thanks Yvette !!!
So great to explore dance photography on 1x. And so many beauties. Hard to make a selection ;-)
Beautiful selection! Thanks Yvette!
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Hello Ewa: I have been impressed by your photos, they are like dreams of great beauty. You have explained your way of doing them very well and I thank you. I also thank Michel Romaggi, who has allowed us to get to know you better. Warm greetings.
Thank you Asuncion, but I think you wrote your comment under the wrong article. A pity for Ewa. May be you can put it on the right place so that she can read it.