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My Autumn Choice

by Editor Wicher Bos 
Published the 11th of October 2021

It’s autumn now in my part of the world.
A season I have a complicated relationship with….
I feel sad because we have to leave the beautiful weather of summer, and it’s usually a wet time of the year with dull days… yet, at the same time you can have marvellous sunsets and colourful forests and plants… Photographers will find interesting subjects just because of that…

So, let’s dig in the 1x wealth of images and present you my personal selection…

To get you in the mood a
Japanese Haiku autumn poem by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694):

色付くや 豆腐に落ちて 薄紅葉
Irozuku ya/ Tofu ni ochite/ Usu-momizi

Changed the red colour,
Fallen on the tofu,
The leaf of the light crimson maple.


'Leaves' by Vanya Baramova

*** by fproject - Przemyslaw Kruk

'Autumnal path' by Janek Sedlar

'autumn in the city' by Markus Auerbach


'Porsche' by holger droste


'nafas' by Mehdi Mokhtari

'Reflection' by Miles Morgan

'Good night' by Francois Casanova

'Autumn colors' by Aida Ianeva

'Autumnus' by Bill Gekas



'Autumn Blues' by Vitaly & Julia Zaporozhenko


So far you saw a happy view of autumn, but look, there is another side too...


'the always smiling man' by Piet Flour



'Autumn on the road' by Kikroune (Christian R.)


'Fall' by Alessandra Favetto



Untitled by Leyla Emektar La_

'The woman with the pink umbrella' by Anette Ohlendorf

'A leaf on the glass' by Mario Mencacci


Let’s also end with an Haiku,
one by Nakamura Teijo(1900-1988) and a beautiful photo that to me seems a perfect match...

傘さしてて母やおくれてて  秋の雨
Kasa sashite/ Haha ya okurete/ Aki no ame

Holding the umbrella,
The mother is behind.
The autumn rain.


'autumn hokku' by anka zhuravleva


I hope you enjoyed it ….
Please let me know if you have a favourite autumn poem or photograph, I am looking forward to it…



My favorite season and what a magnificent selection! Thank you, Wicher, it was a pleasure!
Thank you very much for choosing one of my pictures, I am very happy to be a part of this fine selection!
Splendid images, superb selection, congrats !!!
Autumn is not so bad in my opinion. It’s a season where we can see magnificent colours well done showed in these beautiful images. Congrats Wicher
fantastic images
Beautiful selections! Thank you very much dear Wicher!
Such a fantastic selection of works visualizing autumn. Another window for the excellent photographers who are part of 1X. My compliments dear Wicher. 🙏
Thank you Arnon!
Although autumn evokes sadness, I think it is the most romantic season.. Congratulations on your wonderful choice. All the photos are amazing
Autumn is beautiful, when you spend it with creative people.
couldn't agree more... so much creativity 1x photographers have ...
What beautiful selections!
thank you!