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Dragonflies: the world's most beautiful winged insects

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 27th of September 2021

Summer is the time of the year where some of the world's most beautiful winged insects such as dragonflies and damselflies start to appear and illuminate the lakes, marshes, bogs and rivers with their immense beauty and elegance.


'Libèl.lula' by Jimmy Hoffman

There are literally thousands of different species of both the Dragonfly and the Damselfly available all over the world at different times of the year but for those of us Europe, May through September are the months of the year where we grab our Macro lenses and head outdoors to our favourite locations in order to chase after, spend time with and photograph these stunning creatures of nature.

One thing that always helps to motivate ourselves to grab our gear and to head out to capture these winged beauties is to admire other photographer’s images of these amazingly beautiful creatures.

There are some truly excellent images in the 1x gallery.
Let's celebrate the end of the summer by admiring beautiful photographs of these amazing creatures.

AND ... It's not too late yet, get inspired, get yourself out and about with your camera and make some stunning images of your own!


'Calopteryx splendens' by fabrizio daminelli



'Damselfly' by Edy Pamungkas



'parallel World.' by Stuart Williams



'Have a rest II' by Dennis Zhang



'Banded Darter' by fabrizio daminelli



'Dragonfly' by Adhi Prayoga



'Dragonfly and Ferns' by Abdul Gapur Dayak



'The Emperor's New Clothes' by Daan de Vos



'Dragon-fly' by Lucia Gamez



'DRAGONFLY' by Fabio Vivalda



'Dragonfly' by Petar Sabol



'Waiting” by Edy Pamungkas



'In the morning dew' by Takafumi Yamashita



'what do you want from me ?' by Luigi Chiriaco



'Dragonfly and Wildflowers' by Abdul Gapur Dayak



'Dragonfly on Lotus' by Yanny Liu



'Transporter of reflections' by Thierry Dufour



'Dragonfly' by Larry Deng



'Wonder' by Wil Mijer


Thanks for the pubblication of my picture of dragonfly.
Wonderful selection Yvette.
Many thanks, Saskia !
Wonderful images,amiga!Compliments to all. Thanks for choosing one of my pictures as well:)
And it is a wonderful one, amigo !!! Deserved selection ;-)
Great choice Yvette! All photos are great. Each one is like a brooch worn on the chest. I watched with admiration, congratulations to those who took these amazing photos.
So much talent here, Emel !!! All credits go to the authors for sure ...
Fantastic selection of the most wonderful captures of these little beauties. Amazing photos. Thank you dear Yvette.
Thanks, Larry ... It was enriching to me to go through these splendid images too.
Wonderful selection Yvette !!!
Thanks for your appreciation, dear Luc !
Thank you so much for choosing my picture, great collections!
My pleasure, dear Yanny!
thank you very much for publishing two my images this magazine
You're welcome, Edy !
Simply incredible work here by everyone, these beautiful creatures are so hard to photograph because the are so small, but they move so fast too, congratulations everyone. And thank you Yvette!
It was my pleasure to discover these gorgeous images, Wayne !!!
Beautiful collection with amazing photos!
Thanks a lot, dear Margit ;-)
Thank you for choosing my work!
You're welcome, Takafumi ;-)
Sencillamente espectaculares imágenes, mi enhorabuena a los autores
Thanks, dear Jesus!
Fantastic selection of the most wonderful captures of these little beauties. Amazing photos. Thank you Yvette.
Thanks for your appreciation, Geir !
Great selection of these wonderful, fascinating Insects. Thank you Yvette.
My pleasure, Stuart ;-)
Thank you so much for publishing 2 my work on this this 😍😍🙏🏻🤗🤗
A deserved selection, Abdul !!!
Des photos vraiment superbes, merci pour la sélection Yvette !!!
Avec plaisir, Thierry ;-)
fantastic selection of the most wonderful captures of these little beauties
Thanks, dear Elisabeth !