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Volcanoes: Burning Beauties

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 24th of September 2021

All Nature's  wildness tells the same story: the shocks and outbursts of earthqueakes, volcanoes, geysers, roaring, thundering waves and floods, the silent up-rush of sap in plants, storms of every sort, each and all, are orderly, beauty-making love-beats of Nature's heart.

~John Muir~

'La Fournaise volcano' by Barathieu Gabriel (Reunion Island)


For a long time, volcanoes and volcanic mountains have been interesting subjects for many photographers, because these mountains often show a powerful force of nature when they are erupting, illustrate some perfect symmetric cone shape on the top when they are in silence, and are visible from a very far distance. All these features consist of special attractive elements from a photographic perspective.

1X has been a rich source of volcano images taken by the talented members and published over the years as well as recently.  

Enjoy these beautiful volcanoes or volcanic mountains – either in erupting of silent form
from all over the world.


Mt Bromo' by Angela Muliani Hartojo (Indonesia)



'Bromo and His Excellency' by Rifky Setya (Indonesia)



'Fagradalsfjall Volcano' by Genadijs Ze (Iceland)



'Volcano Eruption' by James Bian (Iceland)



'Lava Abstract' by Bragi Ingibergsson – BRIN (Iceland)



'Dragon's Awakening' by Leonardo Papèra (Iceland)



'Eruption and Lava' by Muhammad fauzi (Indonesia)



'Volcano' by Takumilkeda



'Facing the inferno' by Marco Calandra (Etna - Sicilia)



'Hell on Earth' by Marco Calandra (Etna - Sicilia)



'Midnight at the Devil's Kitchen' by Rafal R. Nebelski (Iceland)



'Fire at dawn' by Denis Budkov (Kamchatka – Russia)



Dragon's Lair' by Denis Budkov (Kamchatka - Russia)



'Lava River Abstract' by James Bian (Iceland)



'Mystic dark Bromo' by Clara Gamito (Indonesia)



'Ulan hada volcano' by Simoon (Mongolia)



'the bromo volcano' by MiracleGuo



'Soul Awakening' by Leonardo Papèra (Iceland)



'Dragon's Fury' by Phil Green (Bali)



'Tunupa Volcano – Bolivia' by Hernan Calderon Velasco



'Lava fields' by INIGO CIA (Hawai)



'DOOM' by Marian Kuric (Iceland)



'The Explosion' by Ryan Dyar (Hawai)



'Bromo vs Semeru' by Juan Pablo de Miguel (Indonesia)



'What lies Ahead' by Ryan Dyar (Hawai)


Superbe série, splendides images, félicitations Yvette !!!
Wonders of Nature in beautiful photos. Thanks of lot Yvette.
It's a wonderful shoot where the power of the volcano is approaching! It is overwhelming to convey the state of the eruption realistically. A group of wonderful works with high resolution.
So Amazing, stunning, great captures lucky I am that I can enjoy such great pictures at once here
Amazing shots, congrats to each and all the authors!
What a great series. Inspiring and wonderful! Thank you so much Yvette.
Beautiful images and great selection!
Awesome and beautiful image compilation.
Awesome work, an enjoyable article, bis bis!
Dear Yvette, my compliments on this great article and mesmerizing photos! Absolute delight! Have a great weekend 👏🏼
Beautiful images Yvette!
Nice topic and well selected presentation!
Well done to all selected artists. It takes a lot to come up there, be there at the right moment and take a good shot. Impressive subjects and impressive works.
All images are so impressive and magnificent! I enjoy them very much! Thanks for !x. Magazine!
Those are so impressive and besutiful, Yvette! excellent selection of photos.
Thank you, Lindsay !!! Yes, they are ...
Excellent choice, I'm happy to be a part of it.
Love your point of view and compo, Marian!
Great topic Yvette, congratulations on your choice. I admire those who take these amazing photos. It's really a brave thing to go out there and record these images. All of them are amazing and impressive.
You're so right, Emel !!! Thanks a lot for your appreciation ;-)
Beautiful selection Yvette!
Thank you dear Wicher !!! Impressive works, indeed!