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Based on a true story ...

Interview / Tutorial by Editor Michel Romaggi in collaboration with the author Arnon Orbach
Published the 22nd of September 2021 

Arnon Orbach's photos, architectural details with cut-out shapes and bright colours, are reminiscent of abstract paintings. This is the case for 'Based on a true story...' and many of his other works.  That's the reason why I asked
  Arnon how he creates such delightful images.


'Based on a true story...'


Why this title, Arnon?
First of all, thanks a lot for inviting me to discuss my photographic work. I deeply appreciate it.

The name  'Based on a true story...'  gives it away. The photo only served as a sketch for the final "drawing".  Two years ago, I was travelling for a few weeks along the shores of the Baltic Sea and visited Rostock in Germany. I came across a row of buildings in different colours, one adjacent to the other which had pointed roofs, the weather was not very good, and I did not get the photos I wanted so I used one of the photos only as a base to reconstruct and creatively edit the image to get to the desired result.

I would like to quote Picasso who said: 'I paint objects as I think of them, not as I see them'.
I believe it applies to my vision of my photography works.

Where does this taste for architectural pictures come from?
When I started photographing at the age of 15, I was more interested in people and landscapes, my interest in architecture was developed during my student years in London where I studied art printing and design. I was always fascinated by sculptures (my mother who was an artist made sculptures all her life). I realized that architecture structures are like sculptures as they come in all shapes and forms, and they involve different materials, textures and they can come in a variety of colour combinations.

When I walk in the streets of a new place, I feel like I'm in a huge museum of sculptures, some of which are fascinating and always create great excitement in me. So, for many years I found architecture to be my main involvement in photography.


'Facade-Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark



'Sunset – Tel Aviv'


How do you choose your subjects?
When I travel abroad, I read about the places I am going to visit, and I walk all day in various neighbourhoods looking for interesting subject to photograph. Usually, the photographs I like most are of buildings I knew nothing about before visiting. I also like industrial architecture and would drive to any Industrial Park in the cities I visit.

I try to find a POV or angle that will show the architecture in a way that I feel will give it my personal interpretation of the building.

Most of my professional life I lived in London and worked as Creative and art director. I am not a documentary photographer, I try to give my vision, at times I prefer to show a detail from a place as I find it more pleasing aesthetically.

In the last 10 to 15 years If I see an architectural object that I feel that by making some changes in textures or colours I will produce a more interesting work, I will edit the original photo accordingly.


'Jerusalem urbanism'


What equipment do you use, what image processing software do you use? How do you manage to give the impression that they are paintings?
My main camera is Nikon D750 I use only 2 lenses, one is the Nikon 24-70mm 2.8F that I use for 80% of my photos and the other is Nikon 70-200mm 2.8F I also edit my photos with Adobe Photoshop.

I took some courses years ago and I enjoy editing on PS as it can really bridge between the photograph and my vision of the 'ideal'.


'The red door'



'Freedom 2'


Finally, can you tell us a little more about yourself and the place of your photography in your life?
I was born and raised in Tel Aviv over 74 years ago. I owe my passion for Art and Aesthetics to my parents who had a graphic design studio during my formative years
My father loved photography and used to take photos to document our life.
He bought me my first Nikon camera when I was 15 and I quickly developed a passion for photography.

At the age of 20, I went to London to study art printing and design.
In all the companies that I worked in, I always also had the role of Creative and Art director. I briefed photographers, picture editors and designers. I learned that cropping a photo correctly is an art on its own. It is all about arranging elements in a given space in such a way that they create a composition which attracts the viewer and offers a new interpretation of a familiar scene. Colours, for me, are tools to arouse emotions.

I find that photography gives me the ability to take a detail out of context which, when I succeed, gives it a new meaning.


'Green on red'

Thank you very much for these interesting explanations about your excellent work, Arnon!

wizard of shapes & colours, enjoying your work Arnon, all the best
Thank you for this insight of your beautiful work Arnon!
Thanks so much dear Elizabeth for your kind appreciation. Kindest regards.
Sentir...isso vem de dentro! Genial
Many thanks dear Jorge for your appreciation. Words, warmest regards
Very beautiful post .Amazing images .
Thanks a lot dear David for your appreciative words. תודה רבה ו וסופ״ש״ש טוב
If I'm not mistaken, this is the second interview at 1x. Not many people succeed in this. Congratulations my friend ! ))
Thanks so much dear Vladimir for your kind words and appreciation. Best regards. Shana Tova.
Very inspiring post with fanatical pictures.
Thanks a lot dear Stepha for your kind words, greatly appreciated. Best regards.
...many congrats, Orban. Very interesting.I continue to follow you with great pleasure and attention. Best regards...
Many thanks dear Cristiano for your kind words, deeply appreciated, Kindest regards.
Thanks so much dear Helena for your appreciation, Warmest regards.
I follow Arnon's work with interest. Congratulations.
Thanks a lot dear Emine for your very kind words, much appreciated. Best regards.
Quite interesting - very well done!
Many thanks dear Erik for your kind appreciation, Kindest regards.
It is a great pleasure to listen to the story of his photographs, which I always admire. Heartfelt congratulations dear Arnon
Thanks so much dear Emel for your kind words, and appreciation, Warmest regards.
Congratulations Arnon, your work is excellent and always an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your interesting story!
Thanks a lot dear Wayne for your very kind words, much appreciated my friend, Best regards.
Thank you very much my friend, you have a very impressive gallery, אלוף עולם
היי איל, תודה רבה על ההתייחסות והתמיכה. חג שמח וסופ"ש רגוע טוב יקירי.
Thanks to share your experience
Thanks to share your experience
Many thanks dear Dennis for your kind words, much appreciated, Kindest regards.
Hello Arnon, your interview is very interesting! In some passages it coincides with my knowledge about your paintings. In other places my suspicions were confirmed. And last but not least, there were also new things to discover - thank you for the insight into your photographic work !!! Best regards Markus
Thanks so much my dear friend Markus for your kind words, and appreciation, Warmest regards.
Congratulations Arnon, really stunning works!
Many thanks dear Thomas for your kind words, much appreciated, Kindest regards.
Great insight into your work and congratulations on the appreciation dear Arnon.
Thanks a lot dear Erhard for your very kind words, highly appreciated, Best regards.
Great interview! Amazing work, Arnon! Congrats!!
Thanks so much dear Raceala for your kind words, and appreciation, Warmest regards.
Nice Interview and pictures
Many thanks dear Martin for your kind words, greatly appreciated, Kindest regards.
Arnon, so good to see that you are so nicely represented here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always enjoy seeing your works.
תודה רבה גיא להתייחסות האוהדת שלך לכתבה. חג שמח וסופ""ש טוב ורגוע.
Thank you so much for telling about your passion and your way of photography! Great look of design!
Many thanks dear Gabrielle for your kind words, truly appreciated, Warmest regards.
.שפע ברכות על הכתבה היפה. מקווה להפגש בקרוב. כל טוב.
יהושע יקר, תודה רבה על ההתייחסות לכתבה, מעריך מאוד.חג שמח
Very interesting article, perfectly selected photos from the great work of Arnon, reflecting the words of the interview. Congratulations!
Many thanks my dear friend Slawomir for your very kind words, much appreciated, Warmest regards.
Very nice article and always a pleasure to know more about you, my dear Arnon.............My sincere compliments!!!!!!!!!
Thanks a lot dear Alfredo for your very kind words and appreciation, Warmest regards.
Excellent article and your images are always creative and inspiring ..Best wishes Arnon ...very well written interview compliments
Thank you Rana, I am happy that you like it
Dear Rana thanks so much for your very kind words and appreciation, kindest regards.
Dear Arnon, I admire and enjoy your wonderful artistic images since several years now and I'm really happy about this little inside view of your photographic biography and your creative activities. Thanks a lot und keep up your great work. Best regards Franz
Thanks so much dear Franz for your very kind words and appreciation, warmest regards.
Thank you so much for that informative Article Arnon. I like your work, with your mostly clearly recognizable handwriting ! Thanks also for Michel to realize that Article. Best regards, Marcel
Thank you Marcel :-)
Many thanks dear Marcel for your appreciation, kindest regards.
Thank you very much for this interesting article about your artistic work in photography. I'm surprised how much we both have in common. You have been a great role model for me for a long time and I love your work very much. Many thanks also to Michel for presenting this interview. Best regards Hans-Wolfgang
Thank you
I am very pleased that you like it.
Dear Hans thanks so much for your very kind words, I really feel honored that you like my work as I look at you as a grand master in this field. My warmest regards my friend. Have a good weekend.
Thanks so much dear Arnon for this interesting article . I am a fan of your work . Warm regards ,Sas
Thanks so much dear Saskia For your appreciation 🌹🙏🏽