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FAQ about 1x Gamma versus 1x Classic

By the founders of 1x : Ralf StelanderJacob Jovelou 
Published by Yvette Depaepe, the 13th of August 2021


'new coat of painting' by Udo Dittmann

Why did you launch a new version of 1x?

The idea behind the new version of 1x is to create an online photo gallery experience which is more like a real art gallery. In a real photo gallery, photos are enjoyed in big size and not as a catalog of small thumbnails. You can now change the order, size and alignment of your photos on your profile page and create different exhibitions, just like in a real gallery.

We aim to raise the quality of the whole site by curating all photos, even photos on photographers’ profiles, which were not curated in the previous version. This is truer to our artistic vision of 1x and the original version launched in 2007, where all photos were curated. Our artistic vision is to create an online photo exhibition with the works of all the best photographers in the world.

We want to involve all photographers more in the curation process, to give you more power to published and reject photos. Curating is a great way to gain experience and learn to take your photography to the next level. In the curation process we also provide much more feedback than before about your photos and different aspects of photos such as composition, technical quality, colors, light, editing and originality. It is very easy to request critique on photos and the curation experience is much more dynamic than before when providing feedback while curating.

What will happen to the old version of 1x?
The old version of 1x is going to be discontinued and replaced by the new version on September 1, 2021, as we want to create one user experience for all our members and visitors, without the confusion of having two parallel systems. We are not going to discontinue the old version before all functionalities and features have been transferred to the new version. However, it will not be possible to upload photos for free in the new version.

How does curation work?
The curation of photos takes place in three different steps. In the first step all members vote on photos to give photographers an idea about how popular they are with the general public, which is interesting to know when choosing photos for an exhibition. The bar for being passed on to the second step, the expert curators is quite low, so most photos are sent to the second step.

In the second step, the expert curators decide which photos are published or rejected. Published means published in your profile and under “Latest published” in the drop-down menu in the front page. To ensure that only very high-quality photos are published, there is a built-in test in curation which determines how skilled each expert curator is. The most skilled curators get much more power in curation, to make sure that all decisions are accurate and taken by very skilled curators. In this step you will get a score on your photo about how popular it is among very skilled experts. The first two steps usually take 2-3 days to complete.

Published photos are passed on to the official head curators to have the chance to be awarded. Awarded photos will be exhibited directly on the front page under “Popular” and “Latest awarded” in the drop-down menu. This normally takes 1-2 weeks. A notification will be sent out if the photo is awarded.

Who are the curators?
Our head curators are award-winning photographers with experience from institutions such as Tate Modern Art and Sotheby’s or master titles from the Federation of European photographers. Our team currently consists of 15 curators. The expert curators are members from our community who have proven to be especially skilled in curating photos.

What does “published” mean?
Published means that a photo has been approved by the curators and expert curators and will be displayed on your profile and under “Latest published” in the drop-down menu on the front page. This means that all photos on 1x are now curated and that the quality is significantly raised compared to the previous version where photos on profiles were not curated.

What does “awarded” mean?
Awarded means that a photo has been approved by the official head curators and will be displayed directly on the front page of 1x. Awarded photos are found under “Popular” and “Latest awarded” in the drop-down menu on the front page. It usually takes 1-2 weeks after your photo has been published for your photo to be awarded. If your photo has not been awarded in 2 weeks, it means it will not be awarded.

Can I upload photos for free?
No, in order to send photos to curation you need a paid subscription, since 1x is a premium community and paid subscriptions are necessary to finance extensive administration, support, hosting and constant development. We have chosen not to litter 1x with ads since it goes against our artistic vision, which means we are dependent on paid memberships instead. By getting a paid subscription you are contributing to developing and improving our community. Upgrade your membership here.

How do I register an account?
Click the green button “Sign up” at the top right to register a new account, it’s completely free to register.

Is it free to register?
Yes, it’s free to register and with a free account you can collect favorites and write comments. However, you need a paid subscription in order to upload photos to the curators and to make your own exhibitions. Upgrade your membership here.

What are the benefits with a paid membership?
With a paid membership you can upload photos to the curators to get extensive feedback and have the chance to be published in our prestigious front-page gallery, gain in-depth critique from our experienced senior critics and create your own exhibitions. Click here to upgrade.

How many photos can I upload at the same time?
As a paying member, you can upload 20 photos per week. In the new version you can only have one photo in curation at the same time. When the photo has been published or rejected by the expert curators you can send a new photo to curation. This normally takes 2-3 days, which means that you can send 2-3 photos to the curators each week.

The reason for curating only one photo at a time is to make it easier to follow the curation process for each photo and participate in all feedback. 

The idea is also to reduce the number of photos in curation, to make sure that only the absolute best photos are uploaded and to give curators more time to evaluate each photo. In this way we raise the quality of the site while reducing the workload for curators.

 When a photo has been published and passed on to the head curators, you can immediately send a new photo to curation, without having to wait for the head curators to award your photo.

How do I upload photos?
Click the big green “Upload”-button in the top right corner. You can upload 20 photos every week. When you have uploaded photos click on a thumbnail to send a photo to curation. You can only have one photo in curation at the same time. When a photo has been published or rejected by the curators and expert curators, you can send another photo to curation.

How do I send photos to curation?
Click the green button “Upload” in the top right corner. Then click on the photo you want to send to the curators. Now click on the button “Send to curators”.

How do I edit information about photos?
Click on your account menu and then “Photos” to open a list of your photos. Then click the “Edit”-button to the right to edit information like the title, category, description and exif.

How do I re-upload photos?
If you have improved a photo, you can re-upload it in the action menu below your photo in full size.

How do I delete photos?
Delete one of your photos in the action menu below a photo in full size.

Do you allow the use of stock photos in my images?
No, all parts of an image must be taken by yourself. If your image is a montage, all included elements should be photographed by you.

How do I edit my biography?
You can write or edit your biography in “Settings” in the account-menu. It’s very important to write a biography about yourself to increase the interest in your photography.

How do I change my presentation photo?
You can add or change your presentation photo in “Settings” in your account-menu in the top right corner. It’s a very good idea to upload a presentation photo to make your profile much more interesting.

What are exhibitions?
Exhibitions is a powerful tool to create online exhibitions with your photos. You can add quotes, change the order of your photos and align them in different ways and change the size. Just like a gallery curator arranging prints on the walls of an exhibition you can do the same. The landing page on your profile is an exhibition which you can customize, you can also add more exhibitions and decide which one should be your landing page. You can also use exhibitions to display series of images.

How do exhibitions work?
To start creating a new exhibition go to your profile. Click the account menu in the top right when you are logged in to 1x and then the button “Go to your profile”. Click “Create a new exhibition” at the top to get started. Name your new exhibition and then click “Select photos”. Select all photos you want to include in the exhibition. Numbers will indicate how many photos are selected. When you are done click “Create”. In the exhibition editor you can re-arrange the photos by dragging and dropping either the large photos to the left or the thumbnails to the right (in the desktop version). Under the large images you can align them to the left or right or make them appear in big size.

By clicking the button “Add object” you can add a title, or a bigger or smaller text block in between your images. The texts can also be re-arranged by dragging and dropping. Click “Delete” to remove an image or text. When you have finished editing your exhibition make it visible to the public by checking the box “Open for visitors” in the lower right. You can also select to add all new photos you upload automatically or make it the landing page of your profile by using the other checkboxes. Remember to click “Save” when you are done.

How do I edit exhibitions?
To edit an existing exhibition hover the “Exhibitions” menu on your profile, hover the exhibition you like to edit and click the blue “Edit” button.

How do I delete an exhibition?
Edit an exhibition and then click the red “Delete” button in the lower right.

How do I protect my photos?
We are preventing right clicking to download photos from 1x and you can activate automatic copyright watermarks in Settings for extra protection.

How do I get feedback on my photos?
When uploading your photos to curation you will get extensive feedback such as how popular your photo is among all members and the expert curators, as well as which are the best aspects of your photo and which areas can be improved. After curation is finished you can submit your photo to critique for extensive feedback. You can also discuss directly with our critics by uploading photos in our critique forum. You can upload any images in the critique forum they don’t have to pass through curation first.

How do I buy prints of photos on 1x?
Empty walls scream for art! Click the link “Buy print” below a photo to order a printed copy. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, sizes and frames.

On the front page when you are not logged in and in the menu to the left click “Art prints” to browse all prints. Our prints are especially selected among millions of photos to be the absolute best for your wall.

Can I sell prints of my photos?
Yes, with just a few clicks you can sell prints of your photos on 1x and our vast global network of print resellers. At the moment, we have over 100 partners selling prints all over the world, so by selling prints on 1x you will reach a huge international audience of buyers. The profits from sold prints are split 50/50 between you and 1x. Follow how your sales are growing in Earnings in your Account.

How do I get paid for sold prints on 1x?
Make sure to enter your Paypal email address in Settings in your Account to be paid out. You will be paid out every three months when you have reached one of the minimum payout limits of 50 EUR or 50 USD separately. You have the option to be paid out or convert your earnings into Pro membership.

Can I license photos from 1x?
Yes, it’s possible to license photos from 1x for selling wall art such as fine art prints, posters, canvas and wall murals. We have a big catalog of nearly 100,000 prints curated for the past 14 years. If you become one of our partners, our art directors will help suggesting photos for you based on the latest trends, your style and our top selling motifs. We also have our own studio producing unique photography and illustrations in the latest trend colors with extremely high technical quality. If you are interested in licensing photos from 1x, contact our licensing agents at licensing[at]

I have forgot my password, what should I do?
Click “Log in” in the top right corner and then the link “Forgot password?” at the bottom of the pop-up window to reset your password. Or go here to reset it.

Can I add watermarks in my photos?
We do not allow photos to be uploaded with added text, borders, watermarks, logos or copyrights. However, to protect your images we can automatically add watermarks with your copyright if you activate it in Settings in your account menu. Check the box “Append my name on all my photos (copyright protection)” and then remember to click save.

Can I add borders to my photos?
To make sure that all photos have a uniform and beautiful style we do not allow borders in photos on 1x. Please make sure to upload all photos without any borders. Creative borders which are integrated into the picture might be accepted on rare occasions but to have the greatest chance of publication please avoid borders.

What are the rules for commenting and writing on 1x?

Remember to always be polite and friendly when writing comments on 1x, otherwise misunderstandings can easily occur on the internet. It’s OK to give critique on photos but it needs to be constructive and you should always point out something positive about an image as well when giving critique.

How do I show or hide nude content?
In Settings in your account menu you can show or hide nude content. If you select the fine art nude category, nude content will be displayed even if you have turned the nude filter on.

How do I contact a photographer?
If you need to contact a photographer on 1x, please contact support[at] and we will help you to get in touch.

How do I contact support?
Send an email to support[at]  if there is anything you need help with or wonder about.

How do I contact 1x?

1x Innovations AB c/o Vossington AB
Regeringsgatan 29, floor 5
S-111 53 Stockholm


VAT-number: SE556810357501
Phone number: +46 (0) 73 946 84 37

Always send an email before contacting us on the phone because it’s much easier for us to help you out on email.


I must give a compliment to a new feature that appeared today: the popularity score is now shown transposed on the image in a smart looking circle on the lower right of the gamma landing page. This is awesome. It avoids the hassle of toggling between the 2 versions. Nice improvement and it looks great too.
Hi Rob, I like this circle, too. However, I don't think that the value showed there is the popularity but an indication of the curation progress. Cheers, Hans-Martin
First of all, thank you yvette for this article I have many questions about the new update, and I found that most photographers have the same inquiries. They said what I wanted to say, thank you all! But I also have a question!! I think that one picture is not enough, you must increase the number! I know you want the best results and give time to the coordinators ! But please reconsider that ! Thanks to all
Dear friends, many thanks for all the feedback on this article. Everybody has the right to express his opinion - positive or negative - and you all did. I asked the management to read attentively each of your comments and to consider the major claims about the curation and more. They also assured that all missing features will be developed before the old site is discontinued. Best regards, Yvette
Well, to me the new version is a huge improvement compared to the classic version. Now it is payed much more attention to the presentation of images. I never was very happy with the dark background, there was no option to choose a white or light gray one. With the new version you can opt. And in the classic version the order of the images was fixed and could not be changed. Now you can easily change the order. Imagine you're preparing a book or an exhibition. It can be very challenging to elaborate an optimal selection and an optimal flow of the selected images. With the new implemented exhibition function you can gain experience in this field, create exhibitions with additional text information like a real museum curator. Yes, apparently some members prefer to show an unorganized collection of hundreds of images in their profiles, they are primarily interested to get as many images published as possible and get nervous if a submitted image takes longer than three days to be curated. Maybe the new features can help to change this behavior, they should try to get familiar with them. It's really worth it. I'm pretty sure that temporarily bugs are fixed as soon as possible.
As always, Dear Yvette, thank you for taking the time to explain to us the new site. As of this morning, it appears that the % popularity is gone from the gamma version…even on images that previously went through curation.. Is this temporary problem, or is the new process going to exclude any information on how the curators/expert curators judge the image? This is contrary to what Yvette said in her fine article. What appears now are only the pie charts of what curators liked/didn’t like in very broad categories. No percentage popularity. While I continue to maintain that it is up to 1X how they choose to award and display images (it is “your” website after all) , the community needs not only the professional photographers with known names, but also the larger universe of paying customers who are enthusiasts/semi-pro photographers, in order to be financially viable and intellectually interesting for those of us in the latter category. We chose 1X because it was a place where we could stretch our skills and (occasionally) be rewarded with an image that made it to the FP and the accompanying significant exposure. Now, Published images are seen by often fewer than 200 people versus over 1,000 for an awarded image. Sadly, it feels as if we are seeing a change to 1X that is, perhaps harshly worded, cynical. I want to be wrong, but the 2 tiered acceptance seems designed to 1. Keep paying customers “engaged” by offering a website where “Published” images are more easily “accepted” and, therefore can be displayed on our profile. The “Awarded” category, which I initially assumed would be similar to the old “accepted” one, is not operating in this way in practice. Fewer images are “Awarded” than were “accepted”in the old version of 1X, and the result is a shrinking of the universe of photographers who are displayed on the new FP. On the positive side, the 1X community obviously cares about the success of this site, or there wouldn’t be so much discussion and concern raised by many who have made 1X their homes for many years.
Interesting discussion - I also join people who likes "classic 1x" as this gives more overview, easy to check favorite author works, much more easy to manage with your own works. Maybe I miss something but I did not find out option in "new version" on how to delete your own work? Like due to work is just "published" - I don't think 1x will benefit from my worst works so I'm cleaning my "not awarded" trash out.
Why is the forum tab no longer working, will it be replaced?
agree with Margit, paid for something I will not get, ie 20 uploads per week, and for sure much more than 2-3 d of curation, 99% more popular is mathematically strange, and misleading, even then an award is not guaranteed. Comments: nice light and color ( b/w)… the cake diagrams looking the same for plus and minus
Hi there, I think most of us are used to the classic 1X and maybe most - or many - still prefer it. Sure the new one looks fresh, elegant, modern and simple but if I could choose I would certainly take the classic one :) Anyway we have to get used to the new version. I hope that all features will be easy to handle and the page still will look as a gallery - not like a photographer's private web page. Good luck ;) Erik
And, how to see photo info in new version of 1X?
How to follow photographers ?
Firstly, thanks Yvette for this together.this is a good start in a transparent way. I totally agree with Slawomir。 The purpose of new version/ system seems to attract more fresh people so as to bring more internet traffic flow by trading off the quality of selected photos . Attracting fresh photographers to 1x is good and benefit for all 1x photographers but should not lower down the awarded photo quality as it may lose the existing photographers. . My observation may be incorrect but I wanted to put here for those who want to further discussion :some recent awarded photos won't be there if the previous version of system was applied. I guess maybe new version has put too many photos being "published" so it causes delayed for photos being curated and the huge amount of Jobs make the head curator or senior curators does /do not have time to take a look photos carefully from technical aspects or other like representation , creativity etc. In the past , people joined membership because of the published photo quality, of course as photo challenge being published is another. Now new version walks toward the "popular portal". Another issue of curation system no matter what used to be or new version is short of "transparent " acceptance standard to photographers。For example, how curator defines a photo technical quality? how to assess representation idea which is correctly expressed in a photo? If correct light was applied to an accepted photo and etc. I also didn't some studies in the past year on published ,now called awarded photos either by carefully leaning from awarded photos or upload some of my photos with different aspects which I knew they are not being accepted or shouldn't be accepted(Forgive my intention, my apologies here), however, I wanted to draw some clues what are curation standard.One of my interesting findings I think worthy mentioning to discuss here was certain topics are preferred to be awarded without being considering as photography skills even just by presentation. For example, egret, crane in wildlife, fog in landscape,zebra being changed b&w., still vase edging lighting. I am not saying this is not right,but it narrows down the scope of photography and curating following in a box. This may cause a lot of photographers including myself to be modelled on similar subjects or lights to make their photo being " awarded". That's why there were many similar awarded photos . I hope there is a clear curator technical standard telling people what a good quality photo does and why this photo is accepted when doing curation. This will not only be good for 1x attracting new photographers joining in , but also it will be beneficial to existing photographers.
What will happen to the old version of 1x? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The old version of 1x is going to be discontinued and replaced by the new version on September 1, 2021, as we want to create one user experience for all our members and visitors, without the confusion of having two parallel systems. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm still using the old (but very good) version of 1x and i'm not confused at all. Disconnecting the old version is like making a triangle out of a wheel, maybe beautiful to look at but very difficult to drive. I got a very good idea, just disconnected the new site and all of the (paying members ) clients are happy again. MAYBE IT'S A GOOD IDEA TO HOLD A REFERENDUM AMONG THE PAYING MEMBERS AND CONSIDERING THE RESULTS BINDING LIKE IN A REAL DEMOCRACY
Probably no one has yet written about the quality of the opinions sent to the Curators. On the old 1X, all reviews were signed by the advisers. Most of the comments and remarks came from great photographers from whom you could learn and draw handfuls of knowledge. no one has ever offended anyone and criticism has always - I underline - always been very cultural and at a very high level. In the new version, unfortunately, we got closer to the popular portals that have nothing to do with real photography. And this is probably not the idea for development. For me, this is a huge loss, thanks to the comments and criticism on the old 1X, my photography has become fuller and more mature. In addition, I met many fantastic people which does not happen everywhere. For me, it's a pity for this huge value, which we unfortunately lose with the new version of the 1X.
Thank you for the fine compliments about the critique forum, Slawomir. It's still existing, but not found by many people. I think you confused curatos and critics in your first sentence. It was always a pleasure to interact with you on your work in critique, and it will be in future should you visit us again.
I always listen to more experienced colleagues with great pleasure. First of all, I meant that in the new 1X the received comments are often nameless and some people hide behind anonymity and allow themselves to make unpleasant comments. Yes, sorry, I was a bit confused in the first sentence of my previous statement - emotions. Best wishes.
Complet post, very well explained. And very interesting comments. It seems there is a gap between the theory and how it currently works. The ideas of getting a Feedback, the curation… are excellent, and that is why we are all here. However we initialy paid for 20 uploads a week and how it currently works allows us 2 to 4 curations a month. It is now said we should be able to send 2 or 3 photos a week for curation. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
Hi to all. I think (maybe I am wrong) 1X will be first photo site where only members with payed membership are allowed to upload images. I see many 1X members already migrate to other curator photo sites with free membership and they are very succeed. They sites also offer to sold members photos. We all know 1X is one of the best. But I personally think this is "shoot in the foot" strategy. Expectations from 1X are, the members must paid, to be member, to be curators, to be publish and paid to sold photos. That is not so wrong but the money from sold photos in many cases are below payed membership. I think maybe is good 1X to allow free membership with 1 upload per month. We all leaving for glory but working for money. That is very difficult to achieve. Best regards.
Very informative article. Thanks for posting and curating. I have question about the photo sell. What is the probability of sell of awarded photos on 1x? Is there any specific clientele for that or does 1x support in sells? And how is the price of each photo decided? Thanks in advance and great job Yvette in curating and putting up this article.
what does the percentage mean? If the expert curator give 99%, and the image could not be award, is it means the expert curator are not experienced .
Published used to mean excellence. Now it means "popular but mediocre" unless it is awarded by the "professional curators". Changing this classification has nothing to do with galleries or visual presentation. The change seems arbitrary and somehow a gimmick. It seems we are now a community of curators. Some have more props than others based on their alignment with the current 1x aesthetic. Ralf has said this new system is to give the community more power? What power? The head curators determine whether a photo is awarded...published now simply means popular. I joined 1x because there were professional curators whom I respected. I felt accomplished when a photo was published. I do not want to be judged by my peers. I can get that on Instagram or Facebook. I want to be judged by professionals. That is what has always made 1x important and special to me.
I want to know where I can see my picture has 60 votes cast
Oh - I don't see my avatar 🤔
If I see that correctly, the "Expert Curators" are quite experienced photographers who can also judge a picture very well. Nevertheless, images will be rejected that have an approval rate of 90-98%. I think the "head curators" who reject a picture with such values should briefly explain why they do not see the picture in the gallery. Otherwise it makes a very arbitrary impression.
Disappointment starts with wrong expectations - most of the time. These expectations are set in the above article and 1x FAQ, 2-3 days. It's not up to members to make sure these can be held, it's the responsibity of those who call them out, also mentioned above. I would rather see real statistics, and adjust for a more realistic promise. Websites are founded on databases and it will be possible to determine the time it needs between post and decision. For myself I can only repeat the staements made, 6-7 days always. Repeating the claims without any proof does not help, Hans-Martin. I'm at day 5 with my latest. It went from 4 days at 99% to 98% yesterday, so it appears not to be a difficult decision. Still it was not made, which ever it will be at the end.
Same with me. Never taken less than 5 days. My last photograph was uploaded on 9th, now is at 99/99% popularity and it's 14th august (6 days still in curation).
Colin and Erhard are right also for me it takes always more than 5 days.
I have made a forum post about this ,but curation for me anyway is currently taking between 6 and 8 days. I am told via the forum post that it takes 2 to 3 days as above, but this is not correct. My current picture in curation went up on Sunday so now day 5 as with every image I have uploaded since the change over.
Hi Colin, as I pointed out in the forum, the time of an image in curation depends on the curation activity of the members. It USUALLY takes 2-3 days until the required number of votes (about 60) is reached. If the members are lazy or they cannot decide to say "yes" or "no" or many members are on vacation it can take longer. Don't worry, be happy ....
I have to clearly support Colin on this, he is clearly right: Curation takes 6 to 8 days!!!! Since four months every image curation takes 6 to 8 days for my images!!!! Hans Martin, your text and your claim is wrong!!! You claim that maybe partially lazy, indecisive or absent members curate two to three days. This is not true!!! Since three months I pay attention to it and at the latest after 24 hours the pictures are curated by members. You can see it very clearly on the timeline under the images to be curated. I don't think the members are particularly fast with me, of all people. That is, member curation takes one day and expert curation takes 5 to 7 days. Hans Martin, have you ever uploaded your own image for curation in the last three months? At the very beginning in April most of the pictures in the old and new version have been uploaded for curation. There you are right Hans Martin, there the curation of the members took longer. But again Hans Martin, just to be clear, member curation takes one day!!!
Erhard, the whole timeline indicates the member and expert curation. Expert curators are those who have greater experience in curating. But both are members and don't belong to the team of official head curators. It is clear that in the beginning of curation the number of votes increases more quickly than at a later stage. My latest submitted image had about 20 votes after one day but then the number of votes slowed down, yesterday 4 members voted and today there was one single vote so far. It also depends on the quality of the image. As you know the voting member can skip if he does not like to make a decision. You need about 60 votes before the image ist forwarded to the head curators. At the moment I have 61 votes. Upload last Monday, today is Friday. Reason: Member voting is apparently tough in this case. Another image that I submitted about two weeks ago (which was apparently not suitable to be published in the eyes of the voting members) was "not selected" after 3 days.
Erhard, I am now tired of commenting false claims. Member curation does definitely not take only one day. My latest image is in member curation (curators/expert curators) since Monday, today is Friday ! Only after this evaluation has taken place the image is forwarded to the head curators. Only the members themselves are responsible for that long curation time.
Hans Martin, the false claim comes from you, now for the second time. Let me explain again. Officially, a timeline showing the progress of the curation is shown under each image that you have proposed for curation. This is official and under each image to be curated. On this timeline there are two marker points in the middle. The one on the left is called Member Curators and the one on the right is called Expert Curators. For each of my images, the marker goes from Member Kurators to Expert Kurators in less than 24 hours!!!!! Then the work of the experts begins!!!! But again Hans Martin, just to be clear, member curation takes one day!!!!
Erhard, member curators (left half of curation timeline) and expert curators (right half of curation timeline) are BOTH members. The expert curators art NOT THE HEAD CURATORS !