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Diving in a sublime small world ...

Interview / tutorial by Editor Michel Romaggi  in collaboration of the author Thierry Dufour
Published the 14th of July 2021

Thierry Dufour's photos reveal a fascinating world filled with amazing creatures that seem to belong to another world moving in an unreal space and made of strange shapes and colours.
Let's ask him how he creates this sublime small world.


'Dew at dawn'


How did you get into macro photography, Thierry? 
Where does your interest in insects comes from?
I have always loved insects.  It is such a small world that fascinates me, hence the interest in macro photography that I discovered in specialized magazines. I learned everything by myself.  Digital photography's biggest advantage is to be able to take as many pictures as you want so that you can progress with a lot of patience.

The vegetation has a capital importance in your photos.  Their shapes and movements are giving your images a very artistic touch. Tell us a little about the places and circumstances in which you take these pictures.
I take almost all my pictures in my garden, I try to find plants of various shapes to effectively give an artistic effect to my images.


'In the blue sky, the stars...'


What equipment do you use?
What are the settings to obtain that great bokeh and remarkable sharpness of the insect?
I use an OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MARK II with a M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm f2.8 Macro lens which is really great.


'Symphony unfinished'


The colours in your photos are wonderful and also contribute to the artistic quality. Do you use lights, reflectors, or do you choose particular moments of natural light?
I only work with natural light, preferably in the morning, and I sometimes process my images with software.


'Life is nice in the rainbow...'


What techniques or software do you use to obtain the sublime effects (dominant colour or bubbles) that we find in most of your work?
For the post processing,  I use 'Corel Paint Shop Pro' and sometimes 'Adobe Photoshop'.


'In a world of bubbles...'


Finally, could you tell us a little about yourself, what photography means in your life and how you came to it?
I am fortunate to be retired which allows me to have a lot of time for photography. I love to go to the quiet countryside to make macros, it's really very relaxing. I came to photography thanks to my wife and daughter who helped me a lot in this difficult exercise.

Thank you so much for revealing something more about your wonderful macro world, Thierry!


Wonderful Images Thierry, very inspiring to me. You turn insects into characters in a magical world.
Thank you very much for the very inspiring and instructive article. The photos are again brilliant and a real pleasure to look at.
A big thank Stephan !!!
As always a wonderful series of photos and fine interview. Thanks
Many thanks Piet !!!
Lovely work :):):)
Thank so much Heidi !!!
nice work
Thank very much Yudi !!!
非常感谢,问候 !!!
une galerie sublime, un microcosmos merveilleux et féérique, félicitations
😊 Un grand merci Pierre !!!
Very interesting interview, Thierry. It was very nice to finally find out more about an extraordinary photographer like you are. I am very far from the world of macro photography, but I must confess that I am always amazed and enraptured by the beauty and the explosion of colors of your compositions and by your mastery and your superb technical ability. Thank you so much for sharing with us your wonderful masterpieces and a warm greeting
😊 Thank you so much Sergio !!!
Really a great representation of the small world, perfectly and creatively shown.
Thank you very much Erhard !!!
When I saw your macro photos for the first time in 1x, I was impressed by how beautiful the little world is. Thank you so much for publishing !
Thank you very much !!!
Thanks a lot for your answers to many interesting trends in macro photography. I like your macro photography very much!
Many thanks Phillip !!!
I like your macros very much. I also like the creative use of it - in terms of colours, bubbles etc. I really enjoyed reading about you and your work. Thanks for publishing!
Many thanks Susanne !!!!
Thank you very much Thierry for your ongoing brilliant Macro photography, your images always give me hope that one day I will be happy with at least one of my Macro images. I find Macro Photography the most frustrating style of photography, but then you come along with your incredible work and make it all look achievable. I am positive that there is a way, but so far I haven't found it! Thank you too Yvette for organising this article, all the best to both of you!
😊👍 A big thank my friend Wayne !!!