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Four seasons : Each has its own beauty

by Editor Miro Susta
Published the 30st of April 2021

A year can be divided not only into days, weeks and months, but also into Four Seasons.

These differ in their climatic characteristics. In temperate regions, there are the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each period has its own charm and character—from snowy branches to coloured leaves.

'Spring attack...' by
Krzysztof Browko

The connection with nature and the passion for photography allows to capture the Four Seasons in all its facets. In the process, nature is unique in its beauty. The landscape thus looks quite different depending on the season.

'Beyond Dreams' by Russo Francesco

Now at the beginning of spring, it is certainly rewarding to talk - or write - about the changing seasons.

'In the forest' by Miro Susta

In this photo article I have taken a photographic look at spring, summer, autumn and winter using beautiful photographs from 1x photo gallery.
Many thanks to all authors for their excellent work and kind contribution.



German philosopher Johann Gottfried von Herder said
“What spring did not sow, summer cannot ripen, autumn cannot reap, winter cannot enjoy”.

Spring is the first of the Four Seasons. In spring, new life is born. The spring days become milder and longer. The power of the sun helps transform the white-covered winter meadows into a lush green.

'Spring fields' by Judit Bánszki

Warming rays of the sun make flowers bloom and the once cold branches of trees, buds sprout.

'Wake up' by Jutta Kerber

Birds return from the south, chirping from the trees - spring has awakened.

'A Blackbird in Spring' by Charlotte Fabian

Spring, sometimes snow-free, sometimes snowy. But always one of the most exciting seasons for photography. In the most diverse landscapes, it begins to bloom, the first shades of green and other beautiful colours come back to light.

'Spring mood' by Miro Susta

Warming rays of the sun make flowers bloom and the once cold branches of trees, buds sprout.

'Balley Dancer' by Leszek Paradowski



American writer Mark Twain has written
“Summer is the time when it's too hot to do what for it was too cold in the winter”.

The second of the Four Seasons is summer. In summer, the sky is a sparkling blue, yellow sunflowers and red poppies are the companions of the summer months, their scents are in the summer air.

'Sunflowers' by Piotr Krol (Bax)

Lively butterflies, bees and bumble bees in the light of the warm summer sun.

'Bumble Bee' by Guido Frazzini

Gold - yellow cornfields sway in the warm summer wind, waiting for the harvest. Summer meadows show themselves in their second flower dress.

'Countryside' by Piotr Krol (Bax)

Summertime is perfect for capturing spectacular shots. In summer, the colours are just popping and there are great opportunities to capture vibrant images.

'Velours de Lavender' by Margarita Chernilova



'Bluebells' by Adrian Popan


Long exposures during the day with ND filters are also particularly exciting when the sky is blue and there are the typical summer sheep clouds.

'The tree and the cloud' by Andreas Wonisch



French Philosopher Albert Camus said 
“Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf becomes a flower”.

Autumn announces the third and most colourful season of the year. With autumn the days become shorter.

'November's fog' by Bor

Autumn sun rays make deciduous forests glow in their orange - red colours.

'Autumnal path' by Janek Sedlar

With the shortening autumn days come the storms, clouds are like works of art in the sky, bringing rain, thunderstorms and blowing the leaves from the trees, morning fog enter the forest.

'Forest walk' by Miro Susta

But it is photographer's favourite photo season. Especially at sunrise and sunset there are great light conditions, in front of which one can either put autumn-typical broadleaved trees or, towards the end of the season, the leafless silhouettes.

'Two Autumns' by Mikhail Trakhtenberg



'Trees' by Miro Susta

Autumn is simply incredibly diverse and offers just as much to the landscape photographer.

'Ox Bow Bend View' by Matt Anderson



And then there is this three-and-a-half season-the mixture of winter and autumn. Autumn does not really want to be over yet, and winter is already peeping around the corner.

'Grand Teton National Park' by UU

This often creates quite surreal picture compositions-in the valley orange-brown trees, up on the mountains already snow.

'Autumn in the Alps' by Alfredo Costanzo

Late autumn fog and low-hanging bad weather clouds are also providing exciting photo motif.

'Hello Autumn...' by Yvette Depaepe


American writer Sinclair Lewis has written
“Winter is not a season, but a Task”.

Winter is the fourth and coldest season of the year. The once lush green meadows are covered with the white splendour, snow. Trees invite the snow to linger on their cold branches.

'winter fairy-tale' by taurus13

Winter sun rays glide over the white splendour from time to time and ice crystals sparkle like diamonds in the snow, this season also has its charm.

'Winter winding road' by Miro Susta

Winter is perhaps the most difficult season from a photographer's point of view. There are no real colours anymore, few structures and complicated lighting conditions.

'magical forest' by Dragisa Petrovic

The whole thing becomes exciting especially at sunrise, when the first red-gold light makes the snow sparkle.

'Winter morning' by Katarzyna Gritzmann

However, during winter, completely new shapes emerge, which can be captured well from the air.

'Between the lines' by Matjaz Cater



'Drawing his own' by Peter Svoboda

Remember that each season has its own beauty and direction of movement. When we connect with it, we experience more peace on the one hand, and more insight and direction for our daily lives on the other.

'SHE' by Lluis de Haro Sanchez

The next time you go outside in one of these seasons, take some time to enjoy its beauty.
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Beautiful selection of the representations of what nature brings to us every year. And such a beautiful photographs in diferent styles. Very inspirational
Many thanks Elisabeth for your kind words of appreciation.
Thank you Miro for your visit to my profile and adding some of my photos to your fav's
A stunning presentation of beautiful photography, congratulations to everyone who's work was selected, and of course a big thank you to Yvette for her incredible effort to organise this wonderful selection!
Many thanks Wayne for your nice appreciation.
Beautiful images, grateful to have one of mine in there, many thanks indeed
Many thanks Adrian.
Those are beautiful! Congratulations to all the photographers!
Many thanks Lindsay.
Wonderful. Congratulations...
Thank you Emine.